Heathfield & Co interviews Hélène Dabrowski

Hélène Dabrowski has worked in residential interior design for more than twenty years. After working for a range of leading interior designers in both London and Paris, she established her own studio, ‘Hélène Dabrowski Interiors’. In our latest interview, we discuss Hélène’s use of lighting from Heathfield & Co across a range of high-end residential projects, the key elements of her style, and the established interior trends of 2014.

What made you decide to establish the company back in 2001?

After working six years at an interior design company in Primrose Hill, and being promoted to Associate Director, the next natural progression and challenge was to establish my own company.

What do you think gives your company a unique element?

I have been working in residential interior design for over twenty years. Having seen many trends come and go, I am aware of the essence of what creates a timeless interior. As a studio, our approach is very hands-on… we really try and tailor our work to each client’s needs and place a great deal of value on attention to detail. We do not impose trends, but rather work closely with our client’s own tastes and requirements.

Several projects you have worked on have featured a number of products from Heathfield & Co. What is it about these particular products that you think complemented these interiors so well?

For the Holland Park project, my client wanted to add some touches of colour to the neutral background. The Red ‘Echo’ Glass Table lamps were an effective addition, complimenting the black, cream and red scheme. For the bedroom, they wanted something more peaceful, and with a touch of silver. The ‘Hermitage’ Silver Table Lamp worked perfectly here. They loved the silver-leaf finish the shade fabric was able to effectively compliment the cushions used.

Private Address, Holland Park

Private Address, Holland Park

Private Address, Holland Park

For the Chelsea project, we needed something fun, original and organic to complement the painting. The Leaf Nickel Table Lamps were able to perfectly fulfil this criteria.

Victorian House, Chelsea

What do you think are the main considerations when focusing on designing high end residential interiors?

The quality of the finishes and the detailing in the design is always extremely important. However, the most important part of the process is the time spent with the client at the beginning of the process, fully establishing exactly what they have in mind.

You have an eclectic aesthetic style but are there any particular design styles or approaches, whether contemporary or traditional, that really stand out for you?

My style is neither contemporary nor traditional, I love to mix traditional elements amongst contemporary settings, and vice versa. I think having such an eclectic approach really allows for a personal style to come through. The use of colour is also a very important factor for me, it brings life to an interior in a way that minimalistic or monochrome palettes cannot do. I also love to find that little quirky piece of furniture or fabric that will suddenly make the scheme pop.

What is usually the first step in the creative process when you get a new brief or client?

The first step involves compiling mood boards to give the client a real feel for the different styles that could be achievable for the space. It is then a case of seeing if this matches with what they had in mind for the interior.

What interior trends do you think have, or will emerge as being particularly significant for this year?

I think the 1950s trend will continue, and we might see more of the 60s and 70s look coming back, especially with regard to patterns and lighting. The industrial look is still strong, and has been for a while. The fact that the market seems so saturated by it suggests it could be on its way out, albeit very slowly. Another influence, to a lesser extent, is the ethnic trend which has made a range of appearences this year.

Is there any well known or public space that you would love to be able to redesign?

The Eurostar Lounge in Paris! It could be an amazing space but it needs a complete refurbishment and extension.

What is your personal favourite Heathfield & Co product(s) to date and why so?

I love the Andromeda Ceiling Pendant. It has a retro feel… very much on trend, and I love the contrast between the black shade fabric and the gold lining.

Andromeda Antique Brass Ceiling Pendant