Heathfield & Co interviews Sarah Woadden

Established in 2011, Dorset-based interior designers, Woadden Nash, brought together the expertise of directors Sarah Woadden and Chris Nash to create an award-winning interior design team. “It’s wonderful that we have been able to show that you can work outside of London and still deliver internationally recognised interior design” comments Creative Director Sarah Woadden, “It really puts both Woadden Nash, and indeed many of the Dorset based craftsmen we have worked with to create such an exceptional home, firmly on the map.” In our latest interview we discuss with Sarah the colour trend forecasts for 2015, the key design trends of this year, and featuring Heathfield & Co lighting in a number of interior projects.

How did yourself and Chris Nash come to establish Woadden Nash Interiors in 2011?

Chris and I had worked together many times on projects in the past when we both had our own businesses – Chris was the window systems expert on several interiors I had designed, and we soon realised there was a synergy between our skills and it made sense to set up a company together.

What do you think gives your company a unique element?

There is a misconception that designers wish to impose their taste and style on a client but at Woadden Nash the opposite is true. We listen to the client to understand how they wish to use their home. It is important that what we do enhances their lifestyle and sense of well-being. A successful interior design should do exactly that.

Woadden Nash recently won first prize in the £10 million and above category International Design & Architecture Awards 2014 which must have been a fantastic experience. Do you think the design process can differ at all for projects of such high budgets?

We can’t and don’t apply a standard approach as all our clients and projects follow a unique path. Like our designs, our clients are also bespoke.

Woadden Nash are pro members on the interior design website, ‘Houzz’. Can you tell us a bit more about this website and what it means to be a pro member?

It is a useful source of interior design ideas for home owners including suggestions on how they can arrange a room and what colours work well together. As a Pro member I get to share successful projects with people who are looking for inspiration and hopefully help them to plan their design schemes.

You recently featured an article looking at the colour forecast for 2015, which was drawn from the ‘Haymes colour Forecast’. How would you describe the trend behind the colours predominant in this report and do you think this will be an accurate prediction for next year?

Yes! We think this is an accurate representation of the colour forecast for 2015. The coolness of the grey schemes of late will be refreshed with accents of warmer pinks and oranges. By contrast the darker inky blues and greys will provide dramatic interiors for the more brave among us!

A number of projects you have worked on have featured Heathfield & Co lighting. What is it about these particular pieces of lighting that you think complemented these interiors so well?

They look classic and timeless and very elegant and work well in both modern and traditional schemes.

Shown below: ‘Contemporary Interior, Private Residence’ featuring Sophia Table Lamps

Shown below: ‘Private Residence’ featuring Luxor Gold Table Lamps

Shown below: ‘Luxury Show Apartment’ featuring Brackett Smoke Table Lamps

Shown below: ‘Waterside Residence, Private Address’ featuring Alette Ceiling Pendant and Wall Light

As we approach the end of the year we are beginning the run up to the festive season. What interior advice would you recommend for people looking to add some professional seasonal style into their homes?

The buzz is around natural glamour this season. Grab as much holly and other foliage from the garden as you can and mix it with sparkly accessories and mood lighting for that sexy seasonal vibe.

Our top tip is decorate everyday pieces at home with fairy lights for a festive feel. Stag antlers, picture frames, house plants; nothing is off limits!

What do you think are the main differences in approaching commercial and residential interior projects?

Aside from budgets our approach on a commercial project is to predict and realise the needs of the potential end user and create exciting but functional spaces for them. On residential projects you must fully engage with the client to understand what demands they have from their space and what they want from their home and inject as much of their personality and individuality as possible. Residential projects should reflect the clients and nothing of ourselves.

What interior trends do you think have emerged as being particularly significant for this year?

As with every year there are several interior trends for you to chose from. The most popular of which for our clients is the contemporary glamour style. However even with this the introduction of more natural and honest materials is becoming evident through grey toned woods and less highly polished finishes. The most prevalent change has been in the metallic finishes used moving away from silver and nickel to warmer tones of bronze and aged brass.

As well as interior design, Wooden Nash also offer a bespoke furniture service. Can you tell us some more about this?

Whilst we source products from all over the world, it is always our preference to utilise the immense skills and knowledge we have surrounding us on the south coast. Combining fresh and modern thinking with finely honed craftsmanship creates some fantastic results and exceptional finishes that are rare to find these days.

Is there any well known or public space that you would love to be able to redesign?

We have been lucky to have designed a number of commercial spaces; hair salons, restaurants, kitchens, bars, which we love to do, however being on the south coast I think the greatest challenge would be to work in the smallest of spaces, creating a range of contemporary seaside beach huts.

What is your personal favourite Heathfield & Co product(s) to date and why so?

At the moment I am loving the Lorne range especially the antique brass and smoke which is so on trend. The pendant also has a great drop, making it work with most ceiling heights.

Shown below: Lorne Large Smoke Ceiling Pendant