Calico launches Fashion Line


Calico are predominantly known for their luxury wallpapers that draw upon marbling techniques and influences from Japanese and Turkish arts. However, through collaboration with fashion brands ‘Swords-Smith’ and ‘Print All Over Me’, Calico has now launched its own beautiful fashion line. The collection incorporates marbled patterns in addition to a range of both elegant and vibrant colour tones. Below we present some of the highlights from this new fashion line along with our lighting picks that provide the perfectly complementary colour tones.



Pigalle Ocean Large Coupole Large Novella Antique Bronze Caius Mineral


The elegant teals incorporated into Calico’s fashion range are complemented by a number of designs from Heathfield & Co’s ‘Signature’, ‘Zoffany’ and ‘Hotel’ lighting collections. The Pigalle Ocean and Coupole table lamps, from the Signature and Hotel lighting collections respectively, closely echo the mid tone teals utilised in Calico’s designs. Additionally, the Novella Antique Bronze and Caius Mineral table lamps, from the Zoffany Collection, provide the ideal accompaniments to the darker and lighter teal tones that are heavily utilised within the fashion pieces.




Anya Violet Constance Large Nickel Lustre Edgar Nickel Berry Pelorus Frost Violet


Heathfield & Co’s Violet colour options, available across a number of designs within the Signature collection, provide a perfect reference to the rich and vibrant purple tones utilised in Calico’s fabrics. The Berry silk shade fabric, shown above on the Edgar Nickel table lamp, also highlights the more saturated and vibrant variations on the purple hues use by Calico.




Tulipe Rose Gold Lustre Large Eugenie Rose Gold Abies Murano Blue Straight Pelorus Frost Turquoise


Muted pinks and blues are used simultaneously in several items from Calico’s range. These elegant and understated colour tones are shown in some of Heathfield & Co’s most recent lighting designs including the Tulipe Rose Gold, part of the Zoffany Collection, and Eugenie Rose Gold, part of the Signature Collection. The Murano Blue colour tone, utilised in Heathfield & Co’s Abies table lamp and wall light range, also offers a perfect reference point to these beautiful fabric prints.