An interview with Fully Interiors


Established in 2000, Fully Interiors is an interior solutions provider, specialising in larger property portfolios. The company has a dedicated design team, providing award winning interior design consultancy and show home projects. In this interview, the team provide their insight into the design trends for 2016, combining the varying style of team members and using Heathfield & Co lighting across a number of show home interiors.

What do you think gives your company a unique element?

The variety of work that our design team does is unique to our company and clients. We are involved in high end residential and commercial interior design and consultancy, the complete design and dressing of show homes, a range of asset management for several large landlords, furniture solutions packs and emergency furnishing for those in need of temporary accommodation through natural disasters. This broad range of need for design ensures that we have to be flexible and accommodate any budget and client need.

How would your describe you style or approach to interior design?

Our style is constantly evolving and changing with each client and type of property we work on, which I think makes us strong as a design team. Each of us have different tastes and favour different styles which, when combined, work together really effectively in our schemes. The ability to adapt the style to each individual property is a big strength for us, and we will always try and incorporate something unique and personal to each job we do – whether it’s a piece of styling linked in to some of the property history or a personal item from the client that we will repurpose in a scheme. We will always keep up to date with trends and developments in the design industry and this has to be reflected in all of our work.

What is usually the first step in the creative process when you get a new brief or client?

We will collect as much information from each client as possible, complete research on the property, area and floorplans – then we work together to collate our ideas and suggestions and put together initial schemes, colour palettes and styles of furniture that we think are suited. As the design process evolves, the schemes will naturally change as new ideas are introduced and we explore different ways of creating the look.

You have featured Heathfield & Co lighting designs in a number of your show-home interiors. What was it about these lighting designs that complemented these interiors so well?

The wide variety of choice from Heathfield & Co enables us to use the lighting in many of our schemes. The styles offered work so well in so many interiors – from contemporary apartments to grand period properties. The quality of the products are excellent and we will often start a scheme with a Heathfield lamp, working the rest of the interior design around it.


Willow and Woodstock table lamps in ‘Parliament’ residential property.

What do you predict will be one of the biggest interior design trends to emerge this year?

We see rich, jewel colours continuing to be a strong trend in design this year, with vibrant cotton velvets being used on larger pieces of upholstery and within schemes. It is a strong, bold look that works well with complementing or contrasting bold colours and accents in luxurious finishes such as marble and metallics. It also works well as a statement piece in a neutral interior, creating a focal point and interest. We will be including several bold, jewel colours in our upcoming projects and we are currently building the colour schemes… this space!

Is there any well-known or public space that you would love to be able to re-design?

When the whole design team was asked this question, a wide variety of answers was given – which shows how our individual styles are! We did agree however that we could each take a ‘pod’ of the London Eye and fully design the spaces creating very different and ‘themed’ experiences!

What kind of information can we expect to see on your company blog?

We like to blog about designs and trends that inspire us, and we include updates on our projects and recent installations so that we can review and track our development as a team.

Your website states your awarded certification for green business practices. Is this a core element to your business and do you think this is becoming a central consideration to the design industry as a whole?

Yes, this is a core element to us and something that we feel strongly about, but also see becoming an essential part of future design work.
With trends becoming out of date quickly in our industry, we will try and utilise every piece of furniture within the company and the design team will often refurbish or repurpose items for use in different schemes. We believe this is important and something that the design industry is considering more and more. With the introduction of ‘eco-friendly’ housing now being built in the UK, we have been asked to design interiors which reflect the need for natural, recycled, or sourcing UK only pieces and fabrics, which is challenging – but comes with a great sense of achievement when completed.

What is your personal favourite Heathfield & Co product(s) to date and why so?

We have all agreed that the Mallroy Blue Stone Reactive table lamp is our favourite, it is very reflective of our style with its elegant shape and bold colour, and we love that it can be used in living spaces or bedrooms making it a very versatile piece.
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Mallory Bluestone Reactive Mallory Green Mallory Turquoise