Introducing Alabaster, the latest, unique addition to the Signature Collection

Our new Alabaster range marks the first time this luxurious, unique natural material has featured in the Signature Collection. The range features four table lamp designs, each crafted with precision from natural stone. The stone itself offers a unique set of defining attributes and properties. A palette of delicately contrasting ivory tones mix with an intertwined complexity. This is further enhanced by the stone’s natural translucency, adding an ethereal depth and richness. The stone also features a subtle, natural sheen, providing a luxurious tactility, and the individual nature of the stone’s patterning also ensures each table lamp remains a truly unique item.

The range’s four table lamp designs draw influence from Egyptian and Greek architecture, providing a contemporary take on these striking aesthetics. These regions have themselves also historically made significant architectural and artistic use of the material. The manufacturing process behind the range also juxtaposes the contemporary with the traditional. The stone is collected from natural sources before being processed and shaped by highly precise machinery and technology. Each of the range’s four lamp base designs is also perfectly complemented by Antique Brass detailing.

The range was first launched at Decorex International. The event, which ran from 18th – 21st September at London’s Syon Park, saw the range presented alongside other new additions to the Signature Collection.

Below: Heathfield & Co at Decorex International 2016 featuring the Blanca table lamp

The Sleep event, which ran from 22nd – 23rd November at London’s Business Design Centre, featured the Alabaster range exclusively, showcasing the Roca, Blanca and Alamo table lamps.

Below: Heathfield & Co at Sleep 216 featuring the Roca, Blanca and Alamo table lamps.


The Alabaster range also features in the latest Look Book which can viewed online now. The full Alabaster range is shown below featuring Birch Glaze and Gunmetal Linen lamp shades.


Blanca Table Lamp
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Alamo Table Lamp
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Piera Table Lamp
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Roca Table Lamp
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