An interview with Rachel Ogden,
Interiors Writer


Interior writer, Rachel Ogden, has been a journalist for seventeen years, now exclusively focusing on interiors. She has written for an array of interior magazines, websites, trend reports and blogs. “It’s a career that has allowed me to see and do some amazing things, take on plenty of challenges and learn a lot. No day is ever the same” she explains. In this interview, Rachel discusses the influences on interior design from wider industries, Pantone’s Colour of the Year for 2017 and which design events she’ll be attending.

For the last nine years, your writing has exclusively focused on interiors. What led to you centre your writing on this particular area?

It started when I began to work for a kitchens magazine and I fell in love with the whole area of interior design. I think initially, that interiors can seem a little frivolous, but it’s more important than that. Our homes are the places we retreat to, feel comfortable in and are an expression of our personalities. It’s where we spend the most time with family and friends. Anything that enhances that and makes you feel instantly at home when you open the door can only be a good thing.

You have written for an array on interior magazines including Ideal Home, Living Etc, Grand Designs, 25 Beautiful Homes etc. What has been your favourite publication to write for to date, and what have been some of the stand-out interiors or features your have covered in that time?

It’s hard to pick a favourite because every publication is so different and for each, I try and get myself into a specific mindset, whether that’s of someone who’s renovating on a large scale, on a budget or wants lots of good, solid advice. I think my favourite features are the ones where I start with only basic knowledge of what I’m writing about then spend hours talking to experts and researching the topic so by the end I’m a walking reference manual about it. Never sit next to me at a dinner party or you might be deluged with what I’ve learnt about draught-proofing or recycling grey water.

You have also written for travel, fashion and lifestyle publications. How have these industries and experiences shaped and influenced your interior design preferences?

I think there’s a large amount of crossover between them – interiors often takes its lead from the catwalk, beautiful hotels channel the latest interior trends and interiors often draws on different cultures. When it comes down to it, great design is all around us and influences everything we do.

What other influences have shaped your overall preferred interior style?

My personal tastes are quite classic and often just as much about how something feels as much as how it looks. For example, I brought back an alpaca wool rug from Peru a few years ago even though it took up most of my suitcase. Not only is it lovely to look at but it’s really soft and tactile.

You have a very active blog. What ideas or information can people expect expect to find there?

It’s a bit eclectic. At the moment I’m having a new kitchen installed so posts are mostly about the project. Even though I’ve been writing about kitchens for years, it’s a real experience for me so I’m hoping that anyone else about to embark on their own project can learn from it. There are some things that have been completely new to me, some things where interiors knowledge has come in very handy and times when I should have taken my own advice.

What do you think will be some of the key trends or developments for the interiors industry in 2017?

I think Pantone naming Greenery as its colour of the year means we can expect a continuation of the trend for bringing nature indoors, overt texture and matt finishes. I’ve also seen some beautiful quilted effects coming through so I’m looking forward to seeing how that develops, reactive glazes on ceramics, unobtrusive furniture with distinct frames or legs and probably some new ways with geometrics.

For you, what are the biggest, or most useful design events in the calendar for discovering new trends and ideas?

Eurocucina in Milan is great for seeing where kitchen trends are heading and I always look forward to Clerkenwell Design Week and LDF. 100% Design is also really inspirational.

What is currently your favourite Heathfield & Co product and why so?

I love the Blanca lamp. It’s a gorgeous mix of warm brass, pristine white alabaster (a great alternative to marble) and exquisite curves.

Full details on the Alabaster range below.