An interview with Peter Staunton

Peter Staunton’s interior design boutique mixes raw and refined design, bringing a ‘grown up rock n roll edge’ to its interior projects. Since initially moving into the family furnishings industry ten years ago, Peter’s studio now offers a holistic range of services from bespoke furnishing design to full staging and installation. In this interview, Peter discusses his signature design style, the desire to bring clients beyond their comfort zone and his current favourite metals and palettes to work with.

You’re known for utilising a style which you call “Luxury Rock & Roll” Can you tell us some more about this?

There can so much similarity within the interior design world so I think its important to create a signature style. Its about trying to stand out in a crowd, but also about practising what I preach, and being true to what I love, which for me, is rock n roll. Influences from music, fashion and art can be fused together and utilised to create design with an edge. Interiors may encompass a sense of ‘old-school’ glamour and sophistication, or be contemporary, high-tech spaces, but I ensure each design has some edge or twist to it.

Also, even though each design has been tailored directly for my clients, I still want a piece of myself to show through in the design. I aim to bring the clients beyond their comfort zone and create spaces that will inspire them for years to come. This in turn will also drive a more sustainable approach to design. Ensuring the underlying materials can last a very long time is of great importance to me. I think good design can in this way combat the ‘fast furniture’ industry that has been created by a prevalent throwaway culture.


I aim to bring the clients beyond their comfort zone and create spaces that will inspire them for years to come.


You’ve mentioned the desire to bring clients beyond their comfort zone. Is this usually in terms of colour, materials, layout, or other factors?

In terms of everything. I eat, sleep and drink design, and travel the world with my wife whenever possible, searching out new design and the best it has to offer. Travel constantly opens my eyes and imagination to what is available, which I then try to incorporate into all of my projects.

This continuous search also enables me to show my clients what can be done with their project to make it as unique and bespoke as possible, and hopefully inspire them for years to come.

You have been shortlisted for a number of awards. What for you have been some of the most notable?

I would say the International Design Awards, as that marked the first time we were shortlisted. I am also excited about this year’s International Property Awards. However, all of the industry awards are great to be a part of as they present a great way to celebrate good design. For me, this is incredibly important in helping promote and create positive environments.

What kind of content can we expect to find on your social media pages and blog?

Anything that inspires the team and I. This ranges from highlighting recent projects we’ve been working on, to travelling and the various design shows we attend. We also regularly crossover into fashion and art, and generally anything else that is floating our boats. Again this is about practicing what we preach and being as honest with our ethos as we can. The content is true to what I love, which I hope others find inspiring.

One of your recent projects featured a number of our lighting designs. What was it about these particular lighting designs that complemented this interior so well?

I love the juxtaposition of the materials, especially the combination of the stone base, the matt black metal and the copper and silk shades. This mix of materials perfectly fuses edgy and soft aesthetics. Also, these lamps could last a lifetime, and just by updating the shades, could be effectively re-worked in any new scheme.


Above: ‘Flint Hall’ Residential Project

You have mentioned the early interior design influence from your parents. How did this shape your approach?

My father is an architect, and my mother’s background was always design, so this was an integral part of my surroundings growing up. My parents also made a conscious effort to invest in their home. Rather than going out, they would regularly socialise in their home, or at others’ homes. This also made me very aware of my surroundings, and how this can influence how you feel, as well as how people interact together.

What are currently some your preferred materials and fabrics to work with in your projects?

I would say mixing hard natural materials such as copper, brass, marble & wood, juxtaposed with soft textures such as velvets, silks & linens. This for me is the perfect combination to create warmth, depth, & edginess to any space.

I am also always looking at design while aware of how long something will last. Fabrics potentially won’t last as long as other materials, but through being mixed with solid woods, metals or stones, they can provide a great way to update lifelong pieces.


Above: Peter Staunton design studio

What is your personal favourite Heathfield & Co product(s) to date and why so?

I would say the Hera collection. I love the simplicity of the clean lines, the natural brass material, and how the simple geometric shapes create an edgy design.


Hera Diffused Pendant Hera Pendant Hera Wall Light


The Rondo collection is another favourite that I used in our ‘Flint Hall’ project. I also love the new Alabaster range, and how it effectively fuses the soft stone with brass & silk. Alabaster works incredibly well with light due to the material’s natural translucency, providing an altogether different look to marble or other stone. The materials also looks beautiful at night with its natural subtle sheen.


Blanca Alamo Piera Roca




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