An interview with Brendan Wong

Award winning interior and product designer, Brendan Wong, has twenty years industry experience, working throughout Australia, London and Paris. Our latest collaborative range harnesses Brendan’s unique contemporary approach with our extensive network of skilled craftsman. The result is a dynamic and vibrant collection, utilising a diverse range of materials and drawing upon dramatic, jewel-like tones. In this interview, Brendan discusses some of the key influences behind the range, the use of UK based craftsmen, and his approach to interior design.

What are some of the key influences behind the design and aesthetics of the range?

The collection draws influence from jewellery, featuring faceted and fluid forms with details reminiscent of ring settings and fine jewellery boxes. Exploration of forms in ceramic, glorious handblown glass and custom laid timber creates a diversity of materials, accented by the warmth of brassy golds.


The collection draws influence from jewellery, featuring faceted and fluid forms with details reminiscent of ring settings and fine jewellery boxes


How would you describe the overall style or feel of the range?

The collection has a sense of refinement and elegance with finer details that, like a piece of jewellery, are intriguing on closer inspection. A sense of heightened luxury is given through considered finishes, stately proportion and detailed plinths on which the bases proudly rest.

What type of interiors do you envisage the lighting range being most suited to?

The range aims to create feature pieces that define their interior surroundings, yet offer an accessibility and versatility. The intent was to create a collection that is unique yet highly approachable, inspiring people to place these pieces prominently and proudly within their rooms: the essence of decorative lighting. The forms would equally suit transitional or contemporary interiors.


How important is it that the range is built using craftsmen in the UK?

The collection requires a precision when building that UK’s craftsmen execute to exacting standards. Understanding the interplay of the various materials is crucial to a finished product that withstands the test of time.

How would you describe your on style or approach to interior design?

I do tend create interiors that are resolved and lean towards “contemporary formal” where everything has its place and each element has a relationship, directly or indirectly, to the other. Often refined and orderly, they are layered with decorative furnishings and artwork that range from traditional to abstract contemporary depending on the client.

My interiors typically have visual highs amongst moments of visual quietness. You need those to establish the tension and so it becomes a cohesive yet energetic experience. I like a roomscape to move beyond being “even”- it should have a drama that uplifts you. To me, this should also apply to lighting or other products.

A client once described my style as like a fine champagne- restrained, subtle and elegant with just enough sparkle and surprise.

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The Huntingdon table lamp features a dramatic juxtaposition between the angular, clean lines of the wooden base and the slender curves of the polished brass metalwork. The wooden base is expertly crafted with a geometrically influenced veneer finish. The wood base is available in two colour options, Amethyst and Walnut.


The Vera features a ceramic base cast into a geometric, angular form. The design is available in two colour options, the bold and rich ‘Amethyst’ and the muted and neutral ‘Suede’. Each piece is complemented by layered base of black satin and polished brass metalwork.






The Christina’s mould blown glass forms are available in two intense colour options, ‘Amethyst’ and ‘Teal’. The simplicity of the curved glass form is contrasted with gold leaf detailing, expertly applied to a geometrically inspired wooden base and finial design. The design is also presented with polished brass detailing.