Heathfield Notes: Choosing the right lampshade

Choosing the right lampshade is essential, as a shade is to a room what shoes are to an outfit.

The right shade can make an enormous difference to the feeling of the room, impacting not just the way the light is affected, but also the hue and overall feeling. Here at Heathfield our experienced design team have carefully selected the right fit to your chosen lamp. For your design notes we offer a guide to our lamp shapes below:

Straight Sided Drums – A cylinder shape, giving a contemporary look

Tapered Drums – A custom shade with gently tapering sides

Wall shades – 2 Custom shapes – Crescent and Shield

Oval Shades   – A straight-sided oval custom

Box Shades – Perfect for narrow tables and modern interiors

Pendant Shades – Drum, Box and Decorative

Your Colour Palette

Each lamp comes with its own carefully selected lampshade in a tone to compliment the material and style of the base. We offer an exclusive range of fabrics from sophisticated muted tones to dramatic rich bursts of colour. We welcome customers to supply their own material, which our talented team can fit to our range of shade styles – There is no limit to the colours which you can choose from, a great versatile option for your home or project.

The Pedra Table lamp with a range of shades

Our Fabrics

Our latest swatch cards present our selection of the finest fabrics and materials, with a number of new and exclusive addition’s.


Steeped in history and once a most guarded secret in Chinese legend history, dupion silk provides an unrivalled organic quality. With interrupting patterns of weave due to its natural fibre, silk offers a shimmering and soft appearance.


Sourced from our French fabric house, our satin collection brings a touch of opulence with a lustrous finish. The satin weave is characterised by four or more fill of weft yarns, floating over a waft yarn resulting in a wonderfully smooth touch and a calming appearance.


Referred to as the king of fibre, cotton grows in the seed pod or boll of the cotton plant. Being almost pure cellulose cottons softness and breathability has made it the world’s most popular natural fibre.


Linen textiles are one of the oldest textiles in the world, a symbol of light and purity from ancient Egyptian times, and a display of wealth used in the form of currency. Chosen for its qualities such as strength, durability and softness, linen has been the fabric of choice over the ages due to its association with aristocracy and its timeless appeal. We offer a organic linen palette and a number of glaze linen options adding a subtle elegant sheen.

Exclusive Fabrics

We offer a beautiful selection if new lampshade materials including luxurious velvets and shimmering metallic linens. As a contract to these thicker fabrics, we have a range of sheer fabrics which are recommended with clear frosted PVC lining. This really adds a warmth and opulent feel to any room.

Fabrics in our workshop

Lining and Trim

With each selection, we suggest a fabric and colour to complement the lamp, set in a crisp white PVC lining. As a premium service, we have a number of additional linings for you to choose from. To personalise your shade further, we can add trim in standard double-faced satin ribbon and exclusive decorative braiding’s which is positioned at the top and bottom of the shades.