The latest collection of beautiful lamps from Heathfield & Co

Inspired to evoke a sense of freshness and purity, Savanna connects the feeling of the earth and natures grounding elements. Combining the richness of natural materials and the tranquility that beautiful lighting creates. You will find carefully curated table lamps, wall lights and ceiling pendants embracing the harmony of nature at the very heart of the collection.

Our Rhea and Phoebe family showcase Alabaster, steeped with its own unique and historic origins. Carefully crafted from the finest formations, each translucent snow-white stone is marked by its own distinctive swirling bands. No two pieces are ever the same and subtle light accentuates the natural beauty of its cloudy detail.

Risco, Terra and Eden table lamps showcase our ceramic and glassware editions. A selection of unique and alluring lighting creations, individually sculpted and crafted by master glassblowers and ceramicists. Each piece echoes the essence and simplicity of Savannas ethos. From earthy tones and elegant structures to organic finishes and ethereal hues.

With its opulent appearance, we proudly showcase one of our fundamental metalworks – Antique Brass. Expertly crafted and of the highest quality, this striking brass offers a versatile architectural sophistication, brought to light when paired with the beautiful glasswork featured in our Giselle and Heidi ranges.