Factory shop


Our Factory Shop provides a fantastic opportunity to buy a selection of our products on special terms for our trade customers. Items will only be available while current stocks last or for a limited period

Brackett Antique Blue

Brackett Antique Green

Brackett Antique Rose

Brackett Smoke

Hinge Antique Blue

Hinge Antique Green

Hinge Antique Rose

Hinge Smoke

Woodstock Lime

Woodstock Ivory

Woodstock Tangerine

Woodstock Turquoise

Esther Natural Green

Esther Vintage Blue

Esther Rose Gold

Esther Clear

Grappa Opal Jade Nickel

Grappa Rose Gold Nickel

Grappa Smoke Antique Brass

Grappa Clear Antique Brass

Paris Antique Blue Table Lamp

Paris Antique Green Table Lamp

Paris Antique Smoke Table Lamp

Paris Antique Rose Table Lamp

Abies Murano Blue Straight

Abies Vintage Green Straight

Abies Murano Blue Cone

Abies Vintage Green Cone

Abies Murano Blue Wall Light

Abies Wall

Mae Vintage Blue

Mae Vintage Green

Mae Rose Gold

Otaka Topaz

Otaka Violet

Otaka Garnet

Swann Topaz

Swann Fuchsia

Swann Mocha

Swann Olive

Hermitage Gold Large

Hermitage Silver Large

Ceres Large

Ceres Medium

Blossom Large

Blossom Medium

Fleur Gold Large

Fleur Gold Medium

Fleur Silver Large

Fleur Silver Medium

Seville Pewter

Seville Bronze

Boheme Antique Silver

Boheme Antique Gold

Moore Gold

Moore Nickel

Sarane Nickel Large

Sarane Nickel Medium

Pisa Gold Leaf

Pisa Champagne

Pisa Ivory Crackle

Fontaine Antique Gold Table Lamp

Grace Moire Teal

Narcise Peacock

Narcise Garnet

Narcise Fuchsia

Anya Violet

Anya Fuchsia

Anya Olive

Mia Emerald Table Lamp

Mia Fuchsia Table Lamp

Mia Olive Twist Table Lamp

Portia Garnet

Portia Violet

Portia Ruby

Persephone Violet

Persephone Fuchsia

Persephone Garnet

Eris Chartreuse Green

Eris Fuchsia

Eris Peacock

Eris Violet

Metis Olive

Metis Peacock

Metis Fuchsia

Metis Violet

Sabine Floor Lamp – Nickel

Sabine Table Lamp – Nickel

Sabine Floor Lamp – Antique Brass

Sabine Table Lamp – Antique

Bello Tear Wenge

Bello Tear Champagne

Bello Tear Gold

Bello Tear Silver

Bello Club Wenge

Bello Club Champagne

Bello Club Gold

Bello Club Silver


Otranto Cerulean Blue

Bella Antique Blue

Bella Antique Green

Bilbao Burnished Gold Large

Bilbao Burnished Gold Medium

Bilbao Silver Large

Bilbao Silver Medium

Spire Black Lacquer Large

Spire Black Lacquer Medium

Broku Wenge Large Table Lamp

Broku Wenge Medium Table Lamp

Auria Violet

Auria Fuchsia

Auria Chartreuse

Auria Peacock

Pelorus Frost Turquoise

Pelorus Turquoise

Ritz Antique Green Table Lamp

Ritz Antique Blue Table Lamp

Fado Natural Green

Fado Smoke

Fado Azure

Mura Amethyst


Hillaire Smoke

Hillaire Olive

Hillaire Slate

Bohemia Silver

Bohemia Copper

Bohemia Gold

Lotus Gold Table Lamp

Avelin Gold

Avelin Nickel

Pompidou Gold Leaf Antique

Pompidou Silver Leaf Antique

Hermes Gold

Hermes Nickel

Columbe Large Gold

Columbe Large Nickel

Columbe Medium Nickel

Ipres Nickel

Echo White Table Lamp

Echo Black Table Lamp

Mono Black Large

Mono Black Medium

Mono White Large

Mono White Medium

Mono Chartreuse Green

Camus White

Camus Black

Camus Ivory

Edgar Peridot Nickel Floor Lamp

Edgar French Grey Nickel Floor Lamp

Edgar Berry Nickel Floor Lamp

Edgar Nickel Peridot Table Lamp

Edgar Nickel Grey Table Lamp

Edgar Nickel Berry Table Lamp

Caulfield Azure Large

Caulfield Smoke Large

Caulfield Smoke Medium

Louis Nickel Large

Louis Nickel Medium

Louis Gold Medium

Marais White

Marais Black

Cuba Floor Lamp

Cuba Wenge Table Lamp

Theo Wenge

Theo Wenge Table Lamp

Bolivia Table Lamp

Rococo Black Lacquer Table Lamp

Crystal Tall Table Lamp

Finn Celtic Bronze

Acanthus Wall Light

Acanthus Nickel Table Lamp

Horn Nickel Wall Light Right

Horn Nickel Wall Light Left

Horn Gold Leaf Wall Light

Flux Nickel

Coral Table Lamp

Coral Dark Bronze Floor Lamp

Rivoli Nickel Table Lamp

Aquilla Nickel Table Lamp


Eugenie Clear

Astrid Clear

Crystal Medium Table Lamp

Berlin Crystal Medium Table Lamp

Morris Bronze Large Table Lamp

Morris Bronze Medium Table Lamp

Prague Bronze Table Lamp

Corinth Bronze

Isobel Smoke Table Lamp

Bauhaus Desk Lamp

Lily Garnet

Larch Chrome Lustre

Larch Chrome Opal Jade

Larch 35″ Oval Pendant

Hericus Antique Ivory

Henley Nickel Wall Light

Chagall Brass Wall Light

Dali Bronze Black Wall Light

Oria Nickel

Oria Antique Brass Wall Light

Delius Brass Desk Lamp

Delius Chrome Desk Lamp

Opera 4 Ball Smoke

Opera 3 Ball Smoke

Opera 2 Ball Smoke

Ballet Mirror Smoke

Bergen Wenge Desk Lamp

Bergen Makassar Desk Lamp

Marli Antique Oak Large

Marli Antique Oak Medium

Elgin Brass

Oscar Wenge Medium

Crocus Olive Twist Table Lamp

Bauhaus Wall Light

Stavely Rectangle Vertical

Stavely Rectangle Horizontal

Seattle Nickel Wall Light



Bolshoi Smoke

Isaac Bathroom Light

Mondrian Wall Light

Laurant Bathroom Light

Emile Bathroom Light

Anais Bathroom Light

Camille Bathroom Light

Adele Bathroom Light

Charles Bathroom Light

Gerard Chrome Bathroom Light

Mortimer Chrome Large Picture Light

Petal Lustre Small

Racine Floor Lamp

Racine Wall Light

Racine Table Lamp

Malmo Wall Light Smoke

Malmo Wall Light Clear

Malmo Table Lamp Smoke

Malmo Table Lamp Clear

Malmo Floor Lamp Smoke

Malmo Floor Lamp Clear

Washington Desk Lamp

Orleans Desk Lamp

Toronto Wall Light

Toronto Table Lamp

Toronto Floor Lamp

Riga Table Lamp Medium

Riga Table Lamp Large

Riga Wall Light

Riga Floor Lamp

Omega Wall Light

Omega Table Lamp

Omega Floor Lamp

Franklin Wall Light

Franklin Table Lamp

Franklin Floor Lamp

Tibro Wall Light

Tibro Table Lamp

Tibro Floor Lamp