Cordoba Pewter Medium

This product is temporarily unavailable The organic, punctured form of the Cordoba table lamps is expertly handcrafted as a slip cast ceramic piece before being finished in a sophisticated metallic glaze. The design is available in either a Pewter or Bronze finish.   DIMENSIONS Full height with shade: 590 mm Base Height: 390 mm Shade […]




The Onta table lamp features a bold, symmetrical form, casting an understated yet commanding silhouette. The design is presented in a vivid, cobalt blue palette with an elegant, lustre finish. A unique textural glaze also creates iridescent detailing, creating a highly original piece.   DIMENSIONS Full height with shade: 622 mm Base height: 372 mm […]




Inspired by the depth and sculptural allure of vast and dramatic sand dunes, the Bonaire table lamp features delicate ridged detailing with a unique, reactive ceramic glaze. The muted, blushed pink tone provides a calming elegance.   DIMENSIONS Full height with shade: 501 mm Base height: 301 mm Shade height: 200 mm Base width: 208 […]




The Fuji table lamp features alongside the Canyon, both inspired by ancient, naturally sculpted landscapes. The Fuji also features a vivid reactive ceramic glaze presented on hemisphere shaped, curved form. The reactive glaze ensures each individual piece remains fully unique.   DIMENSIONS Full height with shade: 400 mm Base height: 220 mm Shade height: 180 […]




The Canyon table lamp is inspired by vast landscapes, naturally shaped and contoured over time by the elements. The vivid red and burnt orange hues presented in the reactive ceramic glaze reference the scorched rock and sand textures that inspire the piece. The reactive glaze ensures that each individual piece remains fully unique.   DIMENSIONS […]




The Pierre draws inspiration from the bold aesthetics of brutalist architecture. The movement’s dramatic lighting contrast and repetition of pattern and detailing both influence the Pierre’s ceramic form. Elongated, subtle hexagonal motifs adorn the design and present a striking monochromatic palette. The piece also features an elegant neck presented in a reactive ceramic glaze.   […]




Inspired by the bold lines of contemporary architecture, the Maxxi ceramic table lamp features elegantly sweeping bands that create a cohesive, subtly curved form. The piece is presented in a radiant metallic finish and features antique brass metalwork.   DIMENSIONS Full height with shade: 626 mm Base height: 396 mm Shade height: 230 mm Base […]




The Ilulisat ceramic table lamp features a unique reactive glaze that echoes the dynamic dispersion of colour through ancient glaciers. The interplay between aqua, indigo and bronze glaze tones is contrasted with the striking simplicity of the pure white ceramic form.   DIMENSIONS Full height with shade: 453 mm Base height: 273 mm Shade height: […]




The Saha table lamp is inspired by the bold, flowing lines of contemporary architecture. The design’s spiralled detailing accentuated the full height of the ceramic form. The piece is also finished in a neutral colour tones that further evokes its architectural influences as well as providing a strong versatility.   DIMENSIONS Full height with shade: […]



Dune Sand

Sculpted by the elements, sand dunes provide a timeless sense of drama and allure. The bold, curved landscapes and linear, uniform detailing is carried through into this ceramic piece. The distressed bronze finish creates a unique textural intricacy, while also offering a contemporary, yet versatile metallic finish.   DIMENSIONS Full height with shade: 683 mm […]



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