Hotel Gravina51, Spain
Designers: Uriben Hotel Services S.L.
Photography: Carl-Stephan Oltrogge

Situated in the historic city of Seville in southern Spain, Hotel Gravina51 has recently undergone an extensive year long renovation process. The hotel’s stunning architecture is complemented by refined interior schemes with elegant and calming colour palettes. Ornate and intricate detailing also sits effortlessly alongside more contemporary touches.

We were delighted to supply a number of pieces from our Signature collection to feature throughout the hotel including table lamps, floor lamps, wall lights and ceiling pendants. The hotel now includes timeless pieces from our Signature collection such as the Medina, featured as both wall lights and as a vast, cascading series of spiralling ceiling pedants. Rich and warm tones from antique brass metalwork and smoke glass are also presented in the deco inspired Yves table lamp and wall light, in addition to Lexington ceiling pendants and Alette wall lights.

Featured products:
Medina Antique Brass Wall Light
Yves Antique Brass Table Lamp
Yves Antique Brass Wall Light
Lexington 32″ Ceiling Pendant
Alette Antique Brass Wall Light
Zola Smoke Ceiling Pendant