Hotel Savoy, Florence
Photography: The Hotel Savoy

Located on Piazza della Repubblica, Hotel Savoy puts you right in the heart for things. The Column of Abundance, which marks the centre of the city, sits directly opposite. The hotel is a place that instantly a tunes you to the culture of Florence, where you can taste the best Tuscan cooking and sip on the finest local wines. It’s a place where personal service is delivered with gracious ease.

Hotel Savoy has 80 rooms and suites, each newly remodelled to offer enhanced space and serenity. Heathfield and co proudly supplied stunning light fittings to compliment these rooms. Our Eleanor Ivory table lamps, Babylon’s in Ivory crackle and unique Bayern table lamps, were carefully selected for the beautiful bedrooms, nestled alongside elegant interior overlooking the ever-present views of the Duomo or piazza.

The Savoy has status, its attraction to Florentine locals and visitors has remained unchanged for centuries. Its enduring appeal – exemplary of the Rocco Forte ethos – is in merging its legacy with modern luxury. Interiors of comfort, modernity and refreshing burst of whimsy in a classic space.

A contemporary entree into a city steeped in history.