One Square Bar, Edinburgh

The lighting installation at One Square Bar, Edinburgh, was undertaken by Heathfield & Co’s installation team ‘Studio Lucid’. The collaborative project with interior designers MKV Design, provides a strong and contemporary addition to the restaurant’s bold interior. The installation features skillfully mold-blown glass spheres, presented in a range of sizes and eye-catching colours, including amber, amethyst and olive. The spheres are suspended in series at a variety of heights, creating a design full of energy and presence.

The One Square Bar website comments on the design of the interior “From the inviting glass foyer to the ever-popular tables overlooking Edinburgh Castle, the interior has been thoughtfully designed to reflect this casual, all-day ethos.  One Square is a venue that effortlessly evolves as the day progresses, somewhere to while away leisurely afternoons, to meet with friends or sit out on the terrace and enjoy the view with a drink in hand”.