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Sculptural decorative lighting

During the day, when the sun is high in the sky, a piece of lighting’s purpose isn’t as clear as, say, a sofa or a console, whose function doesn’t change with the changing of time. With the room flooded in natural light, what role can lighting play?

Lighting can do a lot more than cast light. It can cast beauty. It can cast a sense of identity throughout the interior. To us, a piece of lighting at its most successful has the same presence as a sculpture. In fact, lighting as sculpture was pointed out by a panel of experts in Architectural Digest as one of the key interior design trends of 2021.

Lighting as sculpture isn’t something that we see as a trend that comes in and out of fashion. Instead, it’s a guiding principle for every piece we design.

Look no further than the Verdi, where a curving bulb creates an unexpected interruption to the middle of the base. Its material is just as intriguing as its form. Made from curving, blown glass with volcanic frit detailing, it’s the kind of kaleidoscopic piece you can gaze at again and again and find new surprises every time.

Sculptural lighting can be just as much about the quiet details as it is about the theatrical elements. This is especially true for the Saha Table lamp, with its spiralling base that leads up to the light source. Or the Venice, another table lamp, with a squat little base and rings that circle along its side like water ripples emanating out. The contrasting colour patterns echo the link to water, just like the dancing light reflections in the famous canals it’s named after. The ridged edge is just as pleasing to look at as it is to run your finger across. It tells us that a light’s form is all the more powerful when it adds an element of tactility. It just goes to show the many things our lighting can do for us, even when it’s switched off.

Read more about our design process at the Heathfield Studio. If you feel inspired, view our product collections here.

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