Bespoke flex options

Bespoke design and unique detailing remain central to our creative ethos. From the individual detailing majestically formed on our reactive ceramic glazes through to the handcrafted bubble formations in our blown glass pieces, we celebrate each uniquely formed detail that gives each piece its identity. We also continue to provide designers with numerous bespoke specification options to create truly one of kind pieces. Our wide range of lampshade fabric and lining options is now also joined by a variety of flex options, enabling designers to fully realise their creative visions through unprecedented customisability. This beautiful selection of twisted cables, available in a palette of seventeen colour options, can be specified for many lampbases across our collections.

From our clean and crisp ‘Pearl’ cable finish to the elegant ‘Ivory’, delicately blushed ‘Mink’ and timeless ‘Black’, a series of neutral and understated tonal options provide highly versatile options. Cable finishes such as ‘Antique Gold' and ‘Old Silver’ also subtly echo metallic influences, providing the perfect accompaniment to many of our handcrafted and meticulously finished metal and ceramic designs to compliment your interior scheme.

Our twisted cable selection is also underpinned by several intensely vibrant and vivid options. ‘Tangerine’, ‘Violet’ and ‘Crimson’ provide bold injections of colour, working effectively both sympathetically, and in contrast with a variety of key designs.


In addition to the broad colour palette above, we are also able to offer a number of PVC cable options, ensuring complete compatibility with each project’s unique requirements. For more information on our full selection of cable options contact our sales team on or call +44 (0) 1732 350450.
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