Making the most of our time at home

Create a clear and tidy space to focus…

Whether you are working from home or taking on a personal project, we are presented with a unique opportunity to be inspired and creative, without the usual everyday distractions!

Make sure the space you create is clear and tidy, ideally separate from where you relax and spend your evenings and most importantly, somewhere with plenty of natural light and fresh air if possible.

Find a comfortable corner…

We find ourselves in a time where the home has taken on multiple roles; the office, school, a restaurant, even the pub… creating different spaces for these separate roles will help compartmentalise the day.

Find yourself a comfortable corner to get away from any worries or stress. A reading nook or separate seating area is the perfect space to pick up a book, write a list or plan your evening meal; whatever helps you switch off and unwind.

Take time to yourself…

As we all settle into our new way of living, maintaining routine is key, however there has also never been a more important time to be easy on yourself.

Allow plenty of time to relax. Take a coffee back to bed and take that extra ten minutes to yourself.

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