Timeless Classics

Lifestyle4 Leaf Sconce
Lifestyle2 Atolli
Lifestyle3 Reede Table Wall

From Heathfield & Co

Combining design influences from organic, natural forms to ancient history, this timeless and classic collection is at the very heart of Heathfield & Co’s product range.

Refined and elegant, the stylish and delicate designs offer enduring sophistication, carefully curated in opulent finishes to enhance the intricate details.

Products in the collection:

Table Lamps: Reede | Atolli | Rollo | Leaf | Rondo | Obus | Helene | Casano

Floor Lamps: Reede | Casano

Wall Lights: Reede | Helene

Wall Sconce: Leaf | Flux

Lifestyle5 Helene
Heathfield Mood Shots 13 shot 4
Lifestyle1 Casano
Heathfield Mood Shots 11 rondo and obus
Heathfield Mood Shots 06 flux detail
Heathfield Mood Shots 02 flux b
Heathfield Mood Shots 09 leaf
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