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Our Design Approach

We design for you. From the interior designer tasked with furnishing a five-star hotel to the ambitious new home owner looking for the perfect lamp as a statement piece. Whatever your brief, we work with and for you.

Our approach is the result of exploring movements in interior design and architecture and being open to wider culture references while weaving those influences into our collections. We design lighting for spaces in which to live, not simply to exist. Our output might change over the years, but our aesthetic appreciation and values of comfort, elegance and quality remain timeless as ever.

Curated Collections

We’re constantly experimenting. Each collection is the result of a continuous dialogue with our prototyping team and our network of artisans. From the group of initial ideas, we create a series of prototypes which then form the basis of the products in the final collection.

Each collection tells a story, and that’s where the curation comes in; we pick and choose, we refine rigorously, until we are left with a string of products that each stand proudly as individual pieces, while together they sing as a cohesive whole.

Global Collaborators

Our development process is supported by a global network of trusted suppliers, makers and manufacturers. Our supply chain is primarily based in the UK, and is enriched by artisanal partners around the world. We look outside our industry to innovate, finding collaborators that don't come from the world of lighting but meet the uncompromising quality that we promise.

This beyond-the-expected approach ensures that when it comes to realising our designs, we aren’t faced with limitations. We know when to push our suppliers to achieve the result we’re after, and we know when to adapt.

Decorative Lighting at the Core

We don’t create lighting that spends its days waiting to be switched on. Instead, our pieces do more than cast light; we think of them as objects with the power to play a key role in defining the character and beauty of a room or space.

That’s why you’ll notice our pieces always possess a certain eye catching quality—an intriguing shape, a particular texture. To us, form and finish are of equal importance to function. A piece must give presence to an interior, regardless if it’s switched on or off.

The Result

Design is at the heart of what we do, but it's the development process which makes our lights well and truly Heathfield. From finding the right artisans, testing material samples, building prototypes, adapting and readapting the design until finally the finished product looks, feels and functions perfectly.

We will never take the easier route if it puts quality at risk, and we will never make promises that we can’t keep. For us, respecting the design is equal to respecting the quality, and we're proud to have honed this meticulous approach over the last 40 years.