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Heathfield & Co

Founded in 1977, Heathfield was born from an early interest in well-styled interiors and product design. In the years since then, we have refined a meticulous design and development process that has brought us to the forefront of decorative lighting, across Europe and beyond.

Independently owned and led by the same team, we continue to design and produce our lighting in house, passing down specialist techniques from one generation to the next. Together, we have developed the knowledge to understand the finer points of how to innovate, design and construct decorative lighting in a way that few other companies can match.

All our products are exclusively handmade to order, and this allows us to give our undivided attention to every stage of the production process.

We invest time in understanding how interior designers develop, design and style schemes. We absorb their influences and sensibilities. Most importantly, we have the technical knowledge and aesthetic appreciation to deliver exactly what they envisage.

At the heart of this experience is a deep empathy and understanding of our customers. To make something of beauty, we must first share the same vision.

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When an interiors project calls for something truly breathtaking, we turn to LUUM. Our partnership started from the outset when LUUM was founded in London in 2015, focusing on installation projects and large scale lighting constellations.

We have a shared focus in design and development and a jointly held obsession with quality.

Our two brands support one-another, sharing knowledge, skills and resources, so that we challenge one-another to ensure our respective collections are the very best that they can be.

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