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Versatility through metal form

Metal effortlessly exudes a lasting sense of strength, but with a unique tactility,
to create truly individual pieces.

Our metal designs range from the clean and contemporary to surprisingly intricate sculptural pieces. The characteristics of the material provide limitless possibilities which mean that shapes and structures formed can be realised from any design vision; from the abstract, to those inspired by the complex beauty of nature.

Our metal designs range from the clean and contemporary to surprisingly intricate sculptural pieces

These designs make use of our UK production facilities and craftsmen and women. As well as being experts in the initial shaping and manufacture of metal, each person who touches our metal bases through the production process, has the skill to create an array of exquisite finishes from nickel and chrome plating, to lacquering and distressed antiquing.

This expertise in the metalwork and finishing has underpinned a number of additions to the collection, as well as for bespoke interior projects.

Polished brass

Polished Brass

Polished nickel

Polished Nickel

Polished chrome

Polished Chrome

Satin brass

Satin Brass

Brushed nickel

Brushed Nickel

Antique bronze

Antique Bronze

Antique brass

Antique Brass

Burnished antique

Burnished Antique

Dark bronze

Dark Bronze

Brushed antique

Brushed Antique

Old gold

Old Gold

Celtic bronze

Celtic Bronze



Saxon bronze

Saxon Bronze

Satin black

Satin Black

Matt black

Matt Black

Gloss white

Gloss White

Antique silver leaf

Antique Silver Leaf

Antique gold leaf

Antique Gold Leaf

Antique copper leaf

Antique Copper Leaf

Champagne leaf

Champagne Leaf

Gold leaf

Gold Leaf

Distressed gold leaf

Distressed Gold Leaf

Silver leaf

Silver Leaf

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Metal 1
Metal grid 3 large 1

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