The Canyon table lamp is inspired by vast landscapes, naturally shaped and contoured over time by the elements. The vivid red and burnt orange hues presented in the reactive ceramic glaze reference the scorched rock and sand textures that inspire the piece. The reactive glaze ensures that each individual piece remains fully unique.


Lampshade: 14” Flat Drum Glaze Stone Linen
Shade Lining: Prosecco PVC
Shade Code: SH-14-FLDR
Flex: 1.5 metres of Black twisted flex.
Alternative colours can be specified from our collection.



Total height: 525 mm
Base height: 325 mm
Shade height: 200 mm
Base width: ø208 mm





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Working with ceramics presents the opportunity to draw on diverse influences and explore a limitless scope of expression and individuality.


Our lampshades are a true testament to our handcrafted lighting designs. Fully customisable from the size, shape and even the lining, designers can create a look to fit with their aesthetic vision, whilst still feeling content that they will be the finest quality. Find out more about our bespoke lampshade service.