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Design & Development

It’s important to us that the lighting you buy from Heathfield & Co is perfect, and we don’t use that word lightly

Our Design Process

Our design development is meticulous and we obsess over every detail until it’s absolutely right. Form and function command our attention in equal measure, until we are certain that a piece looks the part, and works flawlessly.

Every design is first informed by a material or shape that inspires us, and then it becomes a conversation. Working closely with our trusted collaborators, we experiment and prototype, adapt and refine. We rally against rigid processes and standardised production; no two pieces follow the same path.

That’s why we work hard to keep our manufacturing process adaptable. It means we can make the very best lighting, in the very best way. And because we believe in exacting standards, we always allow room for you to modify and customise a design to your own specification.

The Result

Design is at the heart of what we do, but it's the development process which makes our lights well and truly Heathfield. From finding the right artisans, testing material samples, building prototypes, adapting and readapting the design until finally the finished product looks, feels and functions perfectly.

We will never take the easier route if it puts quality at risk, and we will never make promises that we can’t keep. For us, respecting the design is equal to respecting the quality, and we're proud to have honed this meticulous approach over the last 40 years.

Made by Luum

Capturing the natural world in fixed form by merging light with scale and sculpture, our dedicated installation studio, Luum, designs and manufactures spectacular lighting installations that transform ordinary spaces and create a heightened sense of wonder, excitement, and energy.

Each piece is handmade in the UK and we carefully direct every part of the process, from initial conception to design and to prototyping to installation. 


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