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Living room with a beige sofa adorned with soft pillows, under a warm, circular wall light.

Our Story

We feel that a room should always welcome you in. And for us, lighting is at the heart of that. It’s the warm, inviting glow that softens the edges and makes a space feel like home.

Our Philosophy

At Heathfield & Co, we celebrate the inherent beauty of natural materials. From combining unique finishes in unexpected and innovative ways, to obsessing over organic shapes and unusual silhouettes, our lighting is created to stand as a decorative object in its own right. We understand the delicate balance between form and function. That’s why our products will look just as beautiful turned off, as they do when they’re switched on.

Guided by this focus on natural materials, our collections are carefully curated in a classic palette of earthy tones that won’t go out of style. We create lighting for modern living, but prefer to ignore fleeting trends. That’s because we want our lighting to sit comfortably in your space for years to come. 

As a family-run business, we’re firm believers in the power of teamwork. We’ve spent the last 40 years finding the very best specialists to partner with. From alabaster artisans in Spain and marble workers in Italy, our close circle of collaborators share the same respect for natural materials as we do. They favour timehonoured techniques passed down through generations. Each piece is then assembled and hand finished in our Kent workshop, guaranteeing a quality you can trust. 

This unique approach means we’re agile, and can adapt all of our designs to suit your needs. Perhaps you need a longer drop on a pendant light, a smaller shade on a table lamp or want to adjust the finish of a piece - just let us know, and our team will be more than happy to help.

Our Story

Heathfield & Co has been a trusted supplier to renowned interior designers for over 40 years. It began when founder Andrew Watson was searching for property development opportunities, and came across a lampshade makers workshop in Bromley, London. Charmed and inspired by the craftsmanship, he scrapped his plans to renovate the building and instead chose to save the business and preserve the heritage of the craft.

After developing an understanding for the industry, Andrew then began fostering relationships with leading department stores and quickly became one of the country's most notable lampshade suppliers. By the early 2000’s, Heathfield & Co had caught the attention of interior designers looking for quality, design-led lighting that could be custom tailored, without costing the earth.

Today, Andrew is joined by a close-knit team of family members and long-standing colleagues in their bustling Kent workshop. As well as continuing to work closely with interior designers and tastemakers on custom projects, the team have also translated their trade offering into carefully curated collections that are ready to shop.

These pieces are a culmination of decades worth of lighting knowledge and unabating design development, retaining the same expert quality, craftsmanship and attention to detail that Heathfield & Co is known for.



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