All measurements are nominal and for indicative purposes only.
All shade sizes code ref 9 and below will be supplied with an E14/B22 fitting.

Codes 5E – 9E
Lampshade only
Supplied with E14 fitting
Customers own material options available

Codes 10E – 28E
Suitable as lampshade or pendant
Suitable with bulb diffuser
Supplied with E27 fitting
Customers own material options available

Available dimensions

Code Base Top Height
5E 125mm 75mm 110mm
6E 150mm 100mm 130mm
8E 205mm 100mm 160mm
9E 230mm 100mm 160mm
10E 250mm 125mm 180mm
12E 305mm 150mm 190mm
14E 355mm 180mm 220mm
16E 405mm 205mm 240mm
18E 460mm 225mm 260mm
20E 510mm 250mm 270mm
22E 560mm 275mm 305mm
24E 610mm 350mm 360mm
26E 660mm 400mm 390mm
28E 715mm 400mm 410mm



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