Medina Opal Jade Wall (3 Ball)

This product is available on a slightly extended lead time.
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Exclusively designed in-house and taking its inspiration from the opulence and diversity of souks the Medina, this wall light offers a sophisticated lighting solution that perfectly combines decorative glass finishes and finely sculpted metal work.

Beautifully crafted from premium Borosilicate glass, each Medina design is meticulously manipulated and formed from a fluted tube into one elegantly distinctive piece. It’s lightweight yet strong structure is available in a choice of nickel or brass metal finishes, and complemented with unique tassels exclusively designed in collaboration by leading international furnishing trimmings designer, Wendy Cushing.


Full height with tassel: 850 mm
Width: 170 mm


Metal Finish: Nickel
Tassel: Sea Jade