Medina Round 3 Light Antique Brass

Taking inspiration from the opulence of souks, the Medina perfectly combines decorative glass finishes and finely sculpted metal work. Crafted from Borosilicate glass, each Medina design is manipulated and formed from a fluted tube into one elegantly distinctive piece. The Medina collection is available in Smoke, Opal Jade and Lustre finishes. The ornate and striking forms are positioned here in a group of three, creating an inspiring focal point. The ceiling plate includes a central downlight, and individual drop heights are adjustable.


Lustre Code: PD-MED3-ABRS-LUST-3RN
Opal Jade Code: PD-MED3-ABRS-OPJD-3RN
Flex: 1.5 metres of Clear PVC cable. Alternative colours can be specified from our collection.


Plate width: ø380 mm
Medina Height: 900 mm
Medina Width: ø210 mm





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