Metis Garnet

The Metis table lamp features an organic form with clear glass decorative pieces added to the ‘molten’ body to create texture and detailing. The Garnet finish also provides a rich and warming colour addition. The handcrafted nature of the design will also ensure that each piece will vary in dimensions and form creating a true individuality.


Lampshade: 14″ Roman Drum Chocolate Satin
Shade Lining: Gold PVC
Shade Code: SH-14-RMDR
Flex: 1.5 metres of Chocolate twisted flex. Alternative colours can be specified from our collection.



Total height: 585 mm
Base Height: 345 mm
Shade Height: 240 mm
Base width: ø170 mm

(Solid glass bases may vary in dimensions to a max of 50mm)





The striking and intricate details are world apart from the fragility of the material. Our glass bases are made by the most skilled glassblowers, who celebrate each organically occurring bubble and characteristic to ensure a unique finish. Learn more about the experts behind these charismatic pieces.


Our lampshades are a true testament to our handcrafted lighting designs. Fully customisable from the size, shape and even the lining, designers can create a look to fit with their aesthetic vision, whilst still feeling content that they will be the finest quality. Find out more about our bespoke lampshade service.