Ronni Floor

The unique, natural patterning and stunning detailing of wood is fully preserved across both the Ronni table and floor lamps. The rich, dark walnut wood graining is beautifully enhanced by the depth of the Antique Brass metalwork, itself presented with an intricately ridged finish. The lamp casts a sleek and refined silhouette, incorporating both a classically inspired aesthetic while also carrying an effective contemporary edge. The Ronni floor lamp is drawn to a variety of interiors, from vintage, colonial and classic to modern and contemporary, whilst consistently maintaining a sense of exclusivity.


Lampshade: 18” Coolie Oyster Glaze Linen
Shade Lining: Champagne PVC
Shade Code: SH-18-COOL
Flex: 1.5 metres of Black twisted flex. Alternative colours can be specified from our collection.



Total height: 1605 mm
Base height: 1375 mm
Shade height: 230 mm
Base width: Ø275 mm






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