Table Lamps

Table Lamps

Designed to enhance and enrich any interior scheme, the 'Signature' lighting collection showcases the highest standards in quality and design





Crete Copper

Crete Brass

Casano Gold Table Lamp

Casano Nickel Table Lamp

Cornelius Smoke

Cornelius Clear

Haywood Smoke

Haywood Clear

Addison Smoke

Harper Smoke

Olympus Brass Large Table Lamp

Olympus Brass Medium Table Lamp

Veletto Large Table Lamp

Veletto Medium Table Lamp

Freddi Smoke Table Lamp

Antero Amber Smoke

Antero Antique

Antero Teal

Clothilde Linen

Clothilde Sorrel

Clothilde Shell

Clothilde Rock

Salerno Black

Salerno Ivory

Otranto Coral

Otranto Ivory Crackle

Grace Tuscan Teal

Grace Moire

Grace Tuscan Red

Napoli Bluestone Reactive

Napoli Turquoise Crackle

Mae Clear

Verdi Indigo Blue

Verdi Ocean

Verdi Copper

Verdi Gold

Verdi Black

Herzog Antique Gold

Herzog Champagne

Mallory Blue Stone Reactive

Mallory Evergreen

Mallory Turquoise

Bayern Ivory

Bayern Turquoise

Hericus Antique Ebony

Babylon Turquoise

Babylon Ivory Crackle

Somerton Crème

Somerton Glacier

Somerton Parfait

Somerton Charcoal

Elenor Graphite

Elenor Mist

Elenor Seafoam

Elenor Ivory Crackle

Metis Garnet

Pigalle Smoke Large

Pigalle Ocean Large

Pigalle Chartreuse Large

Pigalle Smoke Medium

Pigalle Ocean Medium

Pigalle Chartreuse Medium

Galileo Copper

Galileo Silver

Galileo Gold



Anya Peacock

Anya Clear

Reede Gold Table Lamp

Reede Nickel Table Lamp

Vivienne Large Smoke

Vivienne Large Clear

Vivienne Large Natural Green

Vivienne Medium Smoke

Vivienne Medium Clear

Vivienne Medium Natural Green

Fontaine Nickel Table Lamp

Flame Nickel Table Lamp


Rollo Antique Gold Table Lamp

Rollo Antique Bronze Table Lamp

Yves Nickel

Yves Antique Brass

Constance Large Nickel Opal Jade Table Lamp

Constance Large Nickel Lustre Table Lamp

Mirande Amber

Mirande Olive

Mirande Night Blue

Mirande Smoke

Willow Ivory Large

Willow Mist Large

Willow Ivory Medium

Willow Mist Medium

Bubble Smoke Table Lamp

Bubble Olive Table Lamp

Bubble Clear Table Lamp

Sophia Smoke

Sophia Olive

Sophia Clear

Celine Natural Glacier

Celine Natural Parfait

Celine Natural Creme

Celine Bronze Table Lamp

Neried Sable

Valencia Bronze Large

Valencia Pewter Large

Valencia Bronze Medium

Valencia Pewter Medium

Esme Sapphire Table Lamp

Esme Rose Table Lamp

Esme Garnet Table Lamp

Behrens Gold Leaf

Renwick Gold Leaf


Aspen Bronze

Fabien Smoke Table Lamp

Cordoba Bronze Large

Cordoba Pewter Large

Cordoba Bronze Medium

Bella Smoke

Bliss Smoke

Ariadne Smoke

Luxor Copper

Luxor Gold

Luxor Silver

Luxor Wenge

Leaf Oiled Bronze Large Table Lamp

Leaf Oiled Bronze Medium Table Lamp

Leaf Nickel Large Table Lamp

Leaf Nickel Medium Table Lamp

Dakota Chrome Medium Table Lamp

Dakota Bronze Large Table Lamp

Dakota Chrome Large Table Lamp

Dakota Bronze Medium Table Lamp

Roxburgh Antique Brass Table Lamp

Roxburgh Bronze Table Lamp

Roxburgh Chrome Table Lamp


Torun Antique Brass Desk Lamp

Torun Chrome Desk Lamp

Helene Large Table Lamp

Helene Medium Table Lamp

Casablanca Desk Lamp

Torchere Table Lamp

Madison Chrome Table Lamp

Jato Square Desk Lamp

Jato Desk/Wall Lamp

Jato Round Chrome Desk Lamp

Oslo Nickel Desk Lamp