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Deck with colorful chairs overlooking a vast, sunlit savanna landscape.

Angama Mara, Maasi Mara Kenya

Location: Maasi Mara, Kenya

Design: Steve and Nicky Fitzgerald

Cozy room with children on stairs and bedside lamps, combining comfort and simplicity.

Balanced on the edge of Africa’s Great Rift Valley, the Angama Mara is a safari lodge unlike any other. Deemed by many as the finest game reserve on the continent, the lodge’s distinctive design breaks away from traditional style. You will certainly know that you have arrived.

Enter the tented suite and your eyes are immediately drawn to the extraordinary views overlooking the Massai Mara. The interiors are purposely uncluttered, classic, and above all, comfortable, to not deter from the panoramic view. Drawing inspiration from the surroundings and early twentieth century aesthetics, the décor features the occasional splash of Maasai red with bespoke brass lighting.

Continue to the guest areas and you will really notice the colonial architecture, indoor-outdoor living at its finest. There is no defined sitting room, dining room or bar, just a charming mix of everything. It’s that kind of place. On lovely Mara days, all the action will be on the deck and during those brief afternoon storms, guests are safely tucked behind the floor to ceiling glass doors watching the spectacle unfold.

Angama Mara is the creation of Steve and Nicky Fitzgerald, a couple who have developed beautiful lodges and accommodation for over 30 years. This latest project saw Steve and Nicky assemble a carefully selected team of renowned architects, interior designers and project managers. We were delighted to be included in this team, working on the design, manufacture and delivery of a range of fully bespoke lighting, befitting of this unique venue.

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Serene room with expansive savanna view, floor lamp, and warm decor accents
A modern bedside lamp with a black shade on a wooden chair, against a bright window.
Outdoor lounge area with fire pit and sunset views over the African savanna.
Close up of sleek desk lamp on polished wood desk.
Deck with colorful chairs overlooking a vast, sunlit savanna landscape.

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