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Craftsman shaping molten glass in workshop.

The creative art of glass making

Industrial setting within a factory.

The art of glass making is complex and innovative. It is intricate and artistic, and one of the most creative materials we work with. Steeped in history, the techniques used to blow, mold and cut glass stem from traditional methods. Methods that are deeply rooted in the culture of the locations we source it from. Over time, practices have modernized. A new, experimental approach, supported by a wealth of historic knowledge, means we can design without limitation.

The inspiration for our decorative glass is never two-dimensional. It evolves and takes on a narrative as it develops. It takes influence from the world around us… ridges and grooves in modern architecture, ripples on the surface of water, the constantly reforming shape of clouds. Fluted lamps like Mae and our pumpkin shaped Pedra, reflect other organic forms, and create mesmerizing reflections across their surroundings.

Our network of talented glass artisans are based throughout Europe. Often family run businesses, the makers harness skills that have been passed down through generations. They cannot simply be trained and taught. We admire the craft that goes into every piece and observe years of practice and handmade application. Consider Koa - the diamond form, too complex for most manufacturers, required the skill of our most trusted artisan glassblower. Through a tireless experimentation process, we uncovered just the right tones of beige, brown and white to cast a warm, earthy glow.

The close relationships we have with our community of artisans is essential. We craft and refine every detail together, from initial inspiration to the final sample. But the journey between these points differs for every product – working and reworking the design until we achieve the desired result. Bubbles, grains and crackles vary between each hand blown form, ensuring every product is truly one of a kind.

Volcanic frit, a finish you will find throughout our glass collection, is a fine example. Metallic grains are cocooned in two layers of molten glass. As the metal reacts to the heat, the glass frames the volcanic frit on its surface – marking a moment in time and a unique reaction on each piece. The nuances of mouth blown glass celebrate the human element of our products - features that simply cannot be replicated through mass production.

All products in our Glass Collection are available to shop. Read more about our design process at the Heathfield Studio.

Furnaces glowing in glass-making factory.
Worker shaping molten glass at a glassblowing workshop.
Industrial setting with a worker in a factory.
Industrial setting within glass making factory.
Craftsman shaping molten glass in workshop.

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