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Warmly lit corner featuring a marble table lamp and a candle on a side table, next to a lush green velvet sofa.

Boost Wellbeing with Lighting

Explore our tips on how you can use different types of lighting around the home to help boost your wellbeing…

Lighting is often overlooked at home, the last aspect to be considered in a design scheme. However, as we head towards the shortest days of the year, lighting is now more important than ever. Poor indoor lighting is associated with a number of ill-health effects including fatigue, stress, and anxiety. As we spend much of the day indoors, these reduced levels of sunlight can also trigger seasonal affective disorder (SAD).

Considered lighting at home is essential for creating ambience and enhancing your productivity and overall mental health.

Explore our tips on how you can use different types of lighting around the home to help boost your wellbeing…

Set the mood 

Accent lighting with a soft, warm glow can provide a cosiness to any interior, creating a range of atmospheres in your space and mimicking the light outside helping to alleviate low moods. Misty glass pendants like our Metallo Pendant can add a warm and comforting glow above a kitchen island or by your bedside, whilst table lamps can add a wash of warmth to a blanketed reading corner. We recommend installing dimmer switches to pendant or ceiling lighting, to create levels of light that adapt to both a productive and relaxed ambiance. 

Add a pop of colour 

Warm earthy tones help to bring the outdoors in — and create a soothing space at home. Rooted in nature, some key colours include moss green, rust orange and burnt red. Green is praised for its calming qualities, while ever-popular red can 'give a boost of energy' and 'allow people to engage and communicate more'. Another quick and easy way to add colour at home is with houseplants. They are great for livening up a neutral scheme and actively make us feel better.

Bask in sunshine 

With a decreased exposure to sunlight, our moods can naturally deplete. Using lighting to imitate natural daylight can benefit not only the flow of light in a space but also improve your general wellbeing. Utilising ceiling fittings against open spaces can help illuminate the room, whilst keeping an open floor plan. Also, incorporating mirrors will reflect your lighting and maximise the feel of natural daylight, even in the more compact and dark corners. Finally, try rearranging your room so you can maximise the morning sun; position your desk by a window or turn your armchair to face the light.

Embrace functionality 

As the days are getting shorter and the darkness creeps in, it’s important to use task lighting at home to improve your focus, whether that’s working from home or cooking at the kitchen island. Did you know that LED’s can now come with a CRI of 95+, which is as close to natural sunlight as it is possible to get! Incorporate LED lighting, such as our Samara table lamp, in your home office to give the effect of natural daylight, stimulating the brain to produce more serotonin.