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Textured black table lamp on a marble table, beside a sleek black mirror and gold accents.

Transitional Design

You may have heard about Transitional Design, but how can you achieve it in your home?

Blending traditional and modern design principles, it’s about finding a common ground between classic and contemporary aspects – this could include anything from the setting, styling, furniture, or accessories of the space. It makes a home more flexible and allows you to update individual elements rather than having to redo the whole room. By incorporating a transitional design scheme, we no longer need to limit ourselves to a single look.

Combining elements from two different design styles, when done right, looks effortless, comfortable and approachable. To help you achieve this style, we have created a few guiding principles.

1. Embrace a Muted Colour Scheme & Add Interest with Texture

Transitional design typically includes a simple palette with warmth brought in through the use of texture. Focus on an overall muted scheme and reserve colour for accent pieces. Textured table lamps, such as the Auria, can add visual interest to a neutral bedside. By layering materials instead of loading a room with bold decorations, it will create a calming interior scheme.

2. Pair Antique Furniture with Modern Accessories

Invest in classic, quality pieces you can keep for years and then layer some contemporary fun on top. For example, a mid-century accent chair or an antique sideboard next to a contemporary lighting piece will brighten up an otherwise simple corner.

3. Experiment with Lines and Shapes

When choosing your accessories, remember to keep shape and silhouette in mind. Rounder designs found in traditional pieces can be paired with clean lines of modern furniture. Together, they soften and straighten each other out, creating a warm and timeless look. Our Remi table lamp celebrates this combination of form.

4. Make a Statement with a Contemporary Chandelier

If your home has original architectural features such as a grand staircase or ornate cornicing, look to more contemporary lighting fixtures to brighten and modernise the scheme. Be sure to maintain a balance by choosing fittings with modern form, but classic materials such as brass metalwork.

At Heathfield & Co, we design and develop our product range so that it can be utilised across an array of interior design styles. Our newer contemporary designs draw inspiration from classic sensibilities whilst our more timeless pieces incorporate modern aspects, allowing these pieces to be incorporated within any space.

Discover our Transitional Design lighting collection, a selection of products designed with versatility in mind.

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