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Country home, Katie Watkinson Interiors

Location: Surrey, UK

Design: Katie Watkinson Interiors

This luxury residence is a respite for a family in a quiet village in rural England. We worked closely with interior designer Katie Watkinson, to fulfil the client’s brief: to design a residence that feels luxurious, but, more importantly, feels like home. Our lighting makes several appearances throughout this refined, yet comfortable space.

Enter the home, and you’re welcomed in a gleaming entrance hall. The colour palette is awash in neutrals: cloudy grey, rich beige and creamy white, punctuated with dark wood and luxe accents. Four Anya table lamps, which are made from solid glass, stand atop two slender console tables that frame the hallway and invite the viewer into the home. They stand in front of two mirrors, which, reflecting the light, makes the entrance hall feel even brighter.

The pleasing symmetry from the entrance hall comes into play again in the formal sitting room. A pillowy sofa is flanked by two Cedar table lamps on either side. It’s a display of spots and stripes: the sofa’s tufted armrests sit side-by-side with the vertical petaling of the Cedar lamp. As subtle as these moments of pattern may be, it means there’s always something to catch your eye.

Continue on to the bedrooms, where our pieces were selected to light up the master and guest suites. In the former, the Antero’s bubbly antique glass base sits against a backdrop of textured wallpaper. In the latter, two Camellia table lamps sit atop either bedside table. The Camellia’s white ceramic base features the same veins that you might see on running through the surface of a leaf – a well-placed nod to this house’s verdant surroundings.

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