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Close-up of multicolored marble rock with intricate natural patterns.

Marble; a timeless choice

Marble cutting process with a large circular saw, spraying water to cool the blade.

Marble has long been a symbol of elegance and luxury in interior design. Resistant to trends, and available in a variety of colourways and captivating natural patterns, marble is a timeless choice for both modern and classic settings. Moreover, what truly enhances its appeal is the fact that no two pieces are identical. These qualities, among others, make marble one of our favourite materials to work with here at Heathfield & Co.

It all begins in Lucca, a mountainous region in northern Tuscany, where blocks of stone are carefully extracted from quarries and transported to the studio of our trusted supplier. Here, the highly skilled artisans meticulously examine each slab to ensure only pieces with especially beautiful veining are selected for our products. These slabs are then machine cut into smaller blocks before the hand work commences; the sharp edges are chiselled away and crafted into our beautiful lamp bases. 

Designed to celebrate the inherent beauty of marble, our collection boasts understated designs that allow the striking veining and natural beauty of the material to command attention. Featuring a variety of natural colour variations, every lamp tells a unique story and brings a touch of natural elegance into your home.

Take the Grayson and Kobi, both feature elegant Calacatta marble with delicate veining that perfectly complements the sleek lines and curves of these designs. In contrast, the Miko and Ezra Bronze lamps, with bold Black Carrara marble bases, make a striking statement. Warm mocha tones of the Ezra Satin Brass or the captivating beauty of Breccia Capraia marble on our Rosa and Clio table, with shades of deep violet and dusky pinks, come to life when the lamp is lit.

 More than just decorative accents, our marble collection enhances the warmth and sophistication of any interior, standing as a testament to its natural beauty and the timeless elegance that transcends the ages.

All products in our Marble Collection are available to shop. Read more about our design process at the Heathfield Studio.

Craftsperson chiseling a marble stone block.
Marble floor lamp with gold accent on wooden flooring next to a chair and books
Marble lamp base with intricate veining on a wooden table, accompanied by a candle and matches.
Large marble slab with intricate natural veining, set against a blue sky.
Marble lamp on a wooden surface, featuring intricate veining and a dark, paneled backdrop.

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