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A modern lounge area with art, plush seating, and stylish lighting fixtures.

Show Apartment, Holloway Li

Situated in the heart of Stratford, London lies Coppermaker Square. A brand new, luxury rental community featuring over 1,000 apartments with the best in class amenities.

An elegant high-rise living room with city views, a sofa, and a statement floor lamp.

In this new premium show apartment within Coppermarket Square, Holloway Li have combined modern design with classic references to create an inviting space in the heart of Stratford. The scheme pairs warm neutrals and natural materials with a touch of colour. 

Contemporary designs are balanced with crafted details in the open plan living area. Commanding attention in equal measure are our Koa double pendant and Gigi table lamp. The curved form of Koa creates a striking focal point above the dining table and is perfectly complemented by the arched Arlo table lamp, featuring a conical lampshade. The tortoiseshell glass of the Gigi table lamp adds a more luxe feel to the deep textures found within the apartment whilst the Halo floor lamp is highlighted by the pastels and soft colours of the room with its simple, yet striking design. 

The use of natural textures to create a soothing and inviting atmosphere continues through into the master bedroom. Deep red walls add depth and richness to the room, evoking a sense of warmth and comfort. Our Avani Mini table lamps perfectly fit into this environment, with their delicate features and textured detailing. Wooden accents further enhance the organic feel, completing the overall aesthetic. A brighter colour palette of soft blue and earthy orange tones is seen in the guest bedroom. Elegant stone bedside tables have been thoughtfully paired with our statuesque marble Rosa table lamps.

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