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A minimalist dining room with a vertical alabaster pendant light suspended over a table with simple decor.

Interior Trends for 2024

Crafted through conversations and collaborations with our design partners, our 2024 interior trend report highlights the evolving styles that are influencing the way our homes look and feel.

Two bathroom settings: left shows sleek pendant light over a vanity, right features a stylish mirror and sink.

The Spathroom

Fusing spa-like tranquility with functionality is dominating bathroom design for 2024. These spaces feature elements such as natural materials, lush greenery, and soothing color schemes to evoke a serene oasis within the home. Ambient lighting further elevates the experience, creating a haven for relaxation. Our IP44 rated Nula wall lights and pendants, hand crafted from natural alabaster, are the perfect vanity lighting option as they are dimmable and emit a warm and even glow. Another way to achieve the ‘spathroom’ look is through layered lighting - we talk about this a lot in interiors but it is often overlooked in bathrooms. If you have the space, there is no reason why you shouldn’t incorporate a beautiful overhead light source such as our IP44 rated Dahlia pendant and combine this with task lighting next to your vanity.

 The Hotel Bedroom

Treat yourself to luxurious, hotel style comfort every night. Afterall, we spend around a third of our lives in bed so it makes sense to give ourselves the very best experience. This trend places the focus around the bed; incorporating layered textiles, statement headboards and ambient lighting. Bedside pendants, such as the Nara or Indi, are great options if you are limited on space as they don’t clutter the bedside table. As are the petite Luca table lamps that come in three soft colourways with a frosted glass shade that emits a gentle glow. However if you are looking for something to create more of a statement, our Orla vertical pendant and Clio table lamp do just that. The volcanic frit detailing in the Orla glass, and the rich veining in the Viola marble of the Clio demand attention, adding depth and a sense of luxury.

Bedside table with glowing table lamp, textured throw pillow, and dried flowers.

Earthy Hues

Warm terracotta's, rich ochres, and soothing greens can make you feel calmer, happier and more rested. Embracing these earthy tones in furniture, wall colors, and accessories adds depth and warmth, fostering a harmonious connection to the natural world within interior spaces.

Our Ochre collection features textured ceramic table lamps, alongside frosted glass wall lights, pendants and floor lamps in three rich, cocooning colourways - Olive, Merlot & Light Terracotta. Each colourway has been carefully selected to evoke the warmth and serenity of a rich sunset, bringing the natural beauty of the outdoors into your home. Make a bold statement by matching your table lamp with a tonal wall colour to create a comforting colour-drenched space. Or mix and match your table lamp with a wall, ceiling or floor lamp from the same collection to create an inviting atmosphere that is both cosy and elegant.

Stylish dining area with soft green booth, wooden table, and three pendant lights illuminating the space.

Cafe Culture 

Embrace the essence of "cafe culture" by bringing the inviting and relaxed atmosphere of a rustic French bistro into the home. Design elements like cosy banquette seating, bistro-style tables, sheer cafe curtains, and atmospheric lighting reflect this trend, encouraging intimate gatherings and moments of connection. Incorporating warm, earthy tones, textured fabrics, and subtle accents further cultivates a comfortable and inviting ambiance reminiscent of the humble neighbourhood cafe.

Quiet Luxury 

Understated elegance, timeless appeal, and high-quality natural materials dominate this interior trend, which has grown in popularity over the past year. Now, more than ever, we seek comfort and luxury in our homes, a sanctuary away from the bustle of life. Quiet luxury prioritises simplicity and refinement, creating serene, calming spaces that reflect a sense of sophistication without ostentation. Simple and elegant in design, our Bertie floor lamp from the Conical Collection sits comfortably into this trend. Combining arched Satin Brass metalwork with a conical ceramic lampshade, it exudes elegance whilst also welcoming you into the room.

Two table lamps in split image. The left lamp features a grey ceramic base, the right a textured white base with a soft fabric shade.

White Table Lamps 

This modern and minimalist approach to table lamps exudes sophistication and versatility, seamlessly blending into various interior design styles while adding a touch of understated elegance. The clean lines and neutral tones create a sense of openness and brightness, complementing diverse color schemes and elevating the ambiance of any space. Depth and texture can be added through the material and shape of the lamp's base and then the lampshade fabric. Think of these pieces as sculptural accessories that double as table lamps.

Decorative Wall Lights

Decorative wall lights are fast becoming a key interior trend for 2024, blending functionality with artistic flair. These serve as both practical light sources and statement pieces, featuring intricate designs and sculptural elements that adorn walls. From geometric patterns like our Samara to nature-inspired motifs like Capa, these decorative wall lights not only brighten spaces but also serve as captivating focal points, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of the room. The Orla wall light, available in three sizes, can stand alone or be gathered in clusters of the same or varying sizes to create an installation on a wall.

Living room with a beige sofa adorned with soft pillows, under a warm, circular wall light.


Welcome the resurgence of neoclassical elements by blending timeless elegance with contemporary sensibilities. This style incorporates classical architectural details like panelling, columns, mouldings, and symmetry, revitalized with modern touches and sleek finishes. Take the Grayson chandelier for instance - its three traditionally arched arms draw you in while the sleek Satin Brass metalwork creates a more modernised appearance.  This blend of old-world grandeur and updated design sensibilities will add a refined and sophisticated ambiance to living spaces.