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Stylish corner with navy blue accents, elegant lamp, and modern art on black shelving.

Richmond townhouse, Wells & Maguire

Location: London, UK

Design: Wells & Maguire

Photography: Paul Craig

This beautiful Richmond townhouse is a calming retreat for its owners. A place to escape from busy city life. The design concept stems from a desire to balance wellness with design – to create a relaxed and serene home that complements the location and lifestyle of the clients.

And what expresses serenity more than the colour blue? It represents peace and tranquility. Trust and loyalty. The living room palette is awash in rich blues and subtle greys, punctuated with dark grained wood and luxe brass accents. Placed in front of the large bright window stands our Orion steel table lamp. Volcanic frit details run deep through the glass and glisten in the morning sunlight, highlighting the gold touches in the rooms décor.

Tranquil tones continue in the guest bedroom, where soft textures meet a clean scheme of delicate white and sandy beige. The double gourd form of our Perle table lamp echoes the dreamy feel of the room – like billowy clouds surrounding your slumber.

The master bedroom of the home radiates luxury. Our Constance table lamps deliver a pleasing symmetry positioned on the bedsides. The structured brass frame of the lamps sit within the bold lines of the full wall headboard behind. Stark black lampshades add to the art deco style. Their strong shapes stand out against the comforting ivory tones of the room that bring you back to the homes restful atmosphere. This is living made beautiful.

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