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Show home, Wells & Maguire

Location: London, UK

Design: Wells & Maguire

Photography: Paul Craig

Simplicity is key. It can be easy to overcomplicate a scheme - designing features to meet every single element of a brief or concept. However telling the story of a space can be a lot clearer with simple design. Some of our favourite examples of this come from Wells & Maguire, and their recent show home design for the Berkley Group is no exception.

In the entrance of the property, our Constance table lamp sits atop a slender console. The fluted glass and gold tassel portray a sense of luxury. But it is a simple sense of luxury. In fact the designers say about Constance: ‘This is certainly one of our favourite lamps, the soft brass tones work beautifully with the sage green shade.’ Paired with just a few modest Olive branch sprigs, natural green colours layer on the stone walls behind.

Maximizing the space in this project was key to delivering the clients brief. A large bay window seat in the main living room provides both additional seating and storage, making it ideal for the needs of a large or growing family. Minimal styling on the surfaces makes the room feel open. More spacious in a way. The clean curves and clear glass of our Mae table lamps reflect the feel of the room, as they frame the original fireplace.

The clean aesthetic of the interior continues in the master bedroom upstairs. A spectrum of dark teal tones play against the neutral headboard. A flirtatious affair between simplicity and elegance. A pair of Antero table lamps made from curving blown glass mount the bedsides. The depth of colour and volcanic frit detailing draw your gaze – providing endless speckles that glisten and catch you in a daydream.

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