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Close-up of a modern light fixture with golden arms and amber glass globes, displaying a contemporary design.

Behind The Design: Oslin

Celebrating organic arrangements and softly shaped hand-blown glass, the Oslin collection is the result of our first collaboration with external designer, David Irwin.

Design board with sketches and images of trees and fruits, highlighting creative development.

The collection draws inspiration from structures found within nature, resulting in arrangements that span from organic branching arrays to geometric forms with closed diamond and octagonal loops. These unique structures are accented by a softly shaped hand-blown glass shade, inspiring the name behind the collection.

Conceived with scalability & customisation in mind, Oslin was devised from a brief to create a decorative lighting solution to suit a variety of environments. “When designing Oslin, customisation was very much front of mind” says David Irwin. “A key element of the development was the connection between multiple 3-spoke components and the brass tube. The ability to position the casting at certain set angles, while allowing for the formation of closed-loop forms provides the flexibility behind the system, offering innumerable configurations.”

The 3-spoke connector at the heart of Oslin's design is cast in solid brass using a unique moulding version of the Lost-Wax process. The design utilises this process to achieve the strength and precision required to support the systemised design.

A soluble core is first produced allowing for complex internal features to be created. A second master die wax is then injected over the core which is later dissolved away leaving the completed wax pattern. The wax is cast in a plaster mould with a vacuum assist, drawing the liquid metal into every cavity. This specialist process produces a component with dimensional accuracy and a high-quality surface finish.

Whether it’s a bedside pendant, large scale chandelier, above dining or console table, the 10 initial configurations of this collection will create a stunning focal point in any space. The organic form lends itself to modern interiors whilst a warm glow is emitted from the glass globes creating a welcoming feel.

Molten metal being poured from a crucible into a mold, glowing brightly in an industrial setting.
Hands in protective gloves breaking a mold to reveal brass castings among ceramic fragments in a workshop.
Worker in safety gear pouring molten metal in an industrial foundry, illuminated by the glow of the hot metal.
Close-up of a worker sawing through a brass casting, focusing on the intricate details and craftsmanship.

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