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Behind the scenes at our Itero Collection shoot

You may notice our Itero collection feels a bit different. A little bolder. A little braver. Above all, a lot cosier. It is a collection about evolution. It’s about tactility, earthiness and slowing down. It takes its cues from the Japanese principle of Wabi Sabi, of finding joy in imperfection.

The space we created for the shoot focuses heavily on rich tones and contrasting materials; dark woods, textured fabrics and soft accents in the styling and accessories. The Victorian property backdrop adds a classic feel – parquet flooring and panelled walls that bring a sense of sophisticated luxury.

Materiality is at the heart of this collection, which draws inspiration from Japanese and Scandinavian sensibility. Reflecting these influences is a palette of brown and beige, calming textures and an overall sense of warmth - inviting us to take a moment, slow down and enjoy the glow of a well-lit room on a cool evening.

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