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A photographer capturing a styled dining table set, with unique pendant lights and decor in a studio setting.

Behind the scenes at our Nova Collection shoot

Nova is about more than the products within it. It represents the beginning of our transition to a new, design conscious aesthetic. The inspiration for the collection developed through conversation, in response to what is happening around us. We reflected on our product range, and highlighted the design features that define us - glass production techniques that we know and have mastered over many years. The Nova collection builds on this foundation. And it covers new ground.

The narrative for the collection was developed in line with the products themselves. The patterning of white glass grains across the surface of our Milo and Cosmo pendants create a feeling of serenity. Cloud-like formations captivate and encourage our imagination to detect individual shapes and outlines - just like watching the clouds as a child and creating endless stories. In comparison, Orla is much more expressive. Metallic grains are cocooned in two layers of molten glass. As the metal reacts to the heat, the glass frames the volcanic frit on its surface – marking a moment in time and a unique reaction on each piece.

Product design and the collection narrative make up two parts of the process. The visual for the collection is an intrinsic part of the journey. An identity we develop over months to ensure our considered designs work in cohesive harmony with the visual spaces we are inspired by.

The art direction for the Nova shoot draws influence from contemporary interior spaces and classic architectural details. Period features such as parquet flooring, decorative coving and high ceilings were key characteristics for the perfect location. Working with photographer Ruth Ward, we developed eight curated spaces. Furniture kindly loaned by & Tradition, Case Furniture and The Yarn Collective sit beside modern design objects and props, portraying our contemporary interpretation of the grade II listed Georgian townhouse.

Delicate, soft shadows bring warmth to the neutral palette in a watercolour of putty tones. Simple prints from the Poster Club and still life flowers add organic undertones to the space. Natural textures and materials like wood and marble pair with bold accents of brass and glass in accessories from LSA and Skultuna. Building on classic styling with sympathetic contemporary elements underpins the essence of Nova; portraying a simple sense of luxury.

The full Nova collection can be discovered in our Shop. With special thanks to Ruth Ward, & Tradition, The Yarn Collective, Case Furniture, The Poster Club, LSA and Skultuna.

Close-up of a person assembling a pendant light, holding a speckled lampshade with golden fixtures.
A woman holding a textured, speckled lampshade against a neutral gray background.
A woman adjusts a table setting under a stylish pendant lamp in a bright, airy room with a window.
A group of people standing around a table, with large windows providing natural light.
A designer adjusts pendant lights above a styled dining table, creating a sophisticated setting for a photo shoot.
Two individuals setting up lighting in a room with a large window, preparing for a photoshoot.
A photographer adjusts her camera on a tripod, while team members unpack equipment for a photoshoot in a room.
Close-up of a lampshade with a unique white and gold pattern, showcasing intricate design details.
A person adjusts a unique pendant light in a well-lit dining room, ready for a photoshoot.
Close-up of a speckled glass shade hanging from a golden fixture over a wooden table.
Hands arranging bright yellow lemons in a brown bowl on a wooden table.
A person views a tabletop arrangement featuring artichokes, bowls, and cups on a marble surface
A team member carefully adjusts speckled lampshades on a modern gold pendant light during a setup for a photoshoot.
Two people, meticulously adjust a lighting fixture during an indoor photoshoot setup.

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