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Decorative Designs

We design our products to be more than just sources of light. We create decorative objects that are beautiful whilst also offering practical functionality too. Whether turned on or off, our lighting collection adds an extra touch of beauty and character to any interior.

At first glance, it may seem that the sole purpose of lighting is to provide light. However, we believe that lighting can do much more than that - it can cast beauty too. We design our products with this in mind, creating designs that not only fulfill practical needs but also serve as decorative statements in your home.

One of our fundamental design principles is to ensure our collection looks just as beautiful whether they are turned on or off. For example, our Fero and Remi table lamps are inspired by natural textures found in minerals, rocks, and stones. The soft edges and central angular sections of these lamps demand attention, even when they are not in use. These sculptural designs add an extra touch of decoration and character to any scheme.

Our product designers experiment with different materials to create visually stunning and functional lamps that seamlessly blend with interiors. For instance, our Hazel and Juno lamps feature colored glass that can be coordinated with other decorative elements in the room to tie a scheme together. But it's not just the colour that draws attention - the confetti-like finish achieved by applying small grains of glass to molten glass at high temperatures, creates unique pieces such as Gigi, Elise, and Beni. Similarly, our volcanic frit glass, where metallic grains are added to the molten glass, results in infinite variations of markings across the surface of each piece, seen in Thea, Indi, and Orla.

We also believe that decorative lighting can be just as much about the quiet details as it is about the striking features. Our Origins Collection features a solid brass ball on the neck of each lamp. This subtle detail ensures that these lamps look just as beautiful when turned off as they do when turned on. These small but effective additions to our designs allow them to function as stunning light sources and decorative objects in their own right.

Read more about our design process at the Heathfield Studio. If you feel inspired, view our decorative design collection here.

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