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Glass table lamp with olive green base and beige shade on a wooden sideboard against a colorful abstract painting.

Embrace Summer at Home

We have compiled a list of simple and subtle lighting changes you can make at home to welcome the lighter and longer days this summer.

Bring The Outside In

Incorporate natural elements into your home decor to seamlessly blend the outdoors with the inside. Choose pieces with a raw finish and organic tones such as lighting from our Origins Collection. The earthiness of these ceramic lamps create a calming ambiance, ideal for laid-back living during the hotter months.

Embrace Natural Light

Consider switching thick and heavy curtains to sheer and lightweight options in neutral linen colours. This will reflect natural light, helping to create a light and airy feel. Additionally, choose lighting fixtures that complement the natural light without overpowering it. Focus on areas that lack direct sunlight, such as corners and corridors.

Upgrade Your Shade

Simply updating your existing light fixtures with a new shade can be a great way to bring hints of summer to your space. For instance, swapping a dark shade for a lighter option instantly brightens up a room. Often overlooked, lampshades provide a quick and effective way to change the feel of a space.

Make a Statement with Colour

A bold lamp can uplift the overall design of any scheme. Add pops of colour to a room such as a pair of our Juno table lamps. The green glass is a classic finish that can feel fresh for summer.

Switch To Dimmers

Consider adding dimmers to your light fixtures. This allows you to adjust the brightness and create a versatile lighting scheme that can transition seamlessly from the brighter days to evening.

By making these subtle lighting changes, you can embrace the essence of summer without requiring a complete redesign.

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