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In Conversation with Maria Cristina

We spoke with Maria, an artist based in London who focuses on creating bespoke murals, to find out a bit more about her art and eye for transforming both residential and commercial spaces.

Based in London, Maria Cristina is an inspiring muralist, creating bespoke murals in luxury residential and hospitality interiors, where every design is carefully crafted to reflect the unique character of each space. Having collaborated with renowned brands like Salvatore Ferragamo and Selfridges, Maria's work can be found in prestigious locations worldwide, including Edition Hotel Group in Madrid, Rome, and Singapore, and Anna restaurant in Paris and Cannes.

We were delighted to talk with Maria and find out a bit more about her art and eye for transforming spaces.

What made you interested in becoming a mural artist?

Growing up in an artistic household with the influences of my grandfather, a Cuban modernist artist, and my aunt, a Spanish muralist, my love for art blossomed from an early age. Mural art allowed me to explore outside of the confines of the traditional canvas size and create immersive visual narratives directly on walls. Experiencing the influence of murals, I've observed their ability to evoke emotions and inspire. It's a privilege to work in this field and do what I love. 

How do you approach working with clients to create a mural concept? Can you describe your process?

My approach to working with clients varies depending on their vision and requirements. Sometimes, clients start with a defined idea of what they want, while others have a general feel or mood they'd like to achieve. In some cases, we start with blank walls and brainstorm concepts together.
We begin by exploring themes, concepts, and specific features the client wants to incorporate. We discuss the desired mood and atmosphere for the space and gather visual references to guide the creative process. From there, I develop initial sketches and mock-ups, which we review together, making adjustments and exploring alternatives as needed.

The iterative process continues until we've refined a design that resonates with the client's vision. From there, I can begin bringing the mural to life, incorporating feedback and refining details along the way.

What do you most enjoy about your work? Which project do you consider your favourite so far?

What I love most about my work is the diversity of projects and concepts that I get to explore. From painting palm trees in a dome to designing a ski-themed mural for a chalet, each mural presents a unique set of challenges and opportunities for creativity, which keeps the work exciting and fulfilling. As for a favourite project so far, I painted a large mural outside the exterior of a speakeasy cocktail bar in Chicago. My design had been selected as part of a competition and it felt really rewarding to see it come to life from an initial drawing. It was a busy street I was painting on and it was fun to interact with passers-by and see their responses to my work in real time as it developed. 

What projects are you currently working on or planning?

Currently, I'm working on a set of murals at a new accommodation opening in the next few months, a recent renovation of what was previously a Hilton hotel. The accommodation is aimed at creatives living in London, and it's been exciting to be part of such a unique project and space designed to inspire and engage.

Some of my other projects include a seascape mural for a stairwell at a home in the Isle of Wight, as well as a botanic-inspired residential mural.

What products from our collection are your favourite? Is there a common theme in your choices or reasons why those pieces stand out to you?

Some of my favourites include; the Nuri table lamp, the Capa wall light and the Suri single pendant. I selected these products for their organic and curved shapes which evoke a natural and soft aesthetic. I love bringing a sense of the outdoors indoors through my work and feel that these lamps align well with this aesthetic and contribute to creating an inviting and warm atmosphere within a space. 

How can murals and lighting work together? 

Murals and lights are both elements which can shape and influence the atmosphere and aesthetic appeal of a space. Both contributing to creating immersive and memorable experiences.