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A first look at our new Itero Collection - Part I

Like any business firmly rooted in a design practice, we’re always evolving what we create. That’s why you might notice our new collection feels a bit different. A little bolder. A little braver. Above all, a lot cosier. We’re pleased to share the very first five pieces of our Itero Collection; a collection born from a desire to push our design vision forward.

Where previously our approach might have veered more classical, it’s taking on a fresh and contemporary feeling as it matures. We like to think of it as aging in reverse. The result is a series of pieces that invite us to take a moment, slow down and enjoy the glow of a well-lit room on a cool evening.

That doesn’t mean we are abandoning what we’ve done for the last forty years. This collection still celebrates the same high degree of quality and care as every piece we’ve produced to date. It’s crafted largely from ceramic and glass – materials we’re known for, and materials where we know just who to turn to, to bring them to life.

Consider the Koa. A chandelier that’s equal parts elegant and fun, it follows the curve of an arch with soft diamond-shaped glass formations at either end. The form itself, too complex for most manufacturers, required the skill of our most trusted European artisan glassblower. The same goes for achieving the colour in each of the glass shades. Through a tireless experimentation process, we uncovered just the right tones of beige, brown and white to cast a warm, earthy glow.

The Koa isn’t the only product with a sense of earthiness. Materiality is at the heart of this collection, which draws inspiration from Japanese and Scandinavian sensibilities. There’s a sense of tactility and warmth to each of the chosen materials. If you look closely at some of our ceramic pieces, you can see little grooves and craters. These aren’t imperfections, these are the process of their making. It means that no two pieces are alike.

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