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Close-up view of elegant lampshades with delicate fabric textures and soft, diffuse lighting.

Lampshades; the finishing touch

Shelves stocked with rolls of fabric in various colors and textures, each labeled with a unique shade name.

Lampshades are practical, used to diffuse or redirect light. However, we see them as more than this. To us, they are a finishing touch used to elevate a space, tying an interior scheme together.

Lampshade production lies at the heart of our manufacturing process. It is a skill our team have been honing for nearly 50 years, and one we are incredibly proud of. Each shade is crafted by hand in our workshop, using the finest materials. Whether the form, texture, colour or trim, there is no detail we leave unturned.

We work exclusively with natural fibers: silks, cottons, satins, and linens, each bringing their own unique properties. Satin evokes an immediate sense of opulence whilst linen offers an inimitable touch. Taking direct inspiration from the natural world, our Mineral collection features a selection of organic textures and tones. Weave and Ripple fabrics offer soft detail in a muted palette of versatile neutrals, whereas our Element options provide subtle patterns, adding sophisticated tactility.

All our lampshade designs are carefully considered to complement the base on which they sit. Take the Kobi floor lamp; we paired this simple, modern base with a double-tiered shade, adding interest and referencing the designs Japanese inspired roots. Our collection of shades cover an array of shapes and sizes. From petite thin drums to statement coolie shades, our tapered and straight sided designs can be paired with lighting from our collection or stand alone as a statement ceiling pendant.

Whilst our designers have worked tirelessly to pair each lamp with their recommended shade option, our team are always excited to work with customers to generate bespoke ideas. Customers can rest assured in the knowledge that every lampshade is produced by hand and with the attention to detail that we are known for.

Please see our lampshade collection to view all size and shape options. You can also download our swatch card to view our fabric, lining and trim options.

Close-up of rolls of lampshade paper and various colored papers arranged in a design or drafting workspace.
Close-up of stacked cylindrical lampshades in a production or storage area, showing the inner white and outer beige materials.
Detailed view of plush lampshades with a fine fabric texture, focusing on the smooth edge and soft color palette.
Close-up of stacked grey fabric with a textured surface.
Hands working on a grey fabric lampshade with a tape measure, fabric, and scissors nearby.

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