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Lighting Guide: The Bedroom

We spend about a third of our lives in bed, so it only makes sense to treat ourselves to the very best experience and lighting is key to this!

Ensuring adequate lighting throughout the day that transitions to soft, warm pools of light at night will not only add a touch of luxury but also contribute to the overall functionality of the space.

Layer your Lighting

Having multiple lighting sources in the bedroom contributes to a layered scheme, resulting in pockets of warmth around the room. If possible, these light sources should include a central pendant (the ambient light), bedside lighting (task lighting) and either a floor lamp or wall lights (the accent light). Avoid choosing a statement pendant or chandelier and instead opt for something that diffuses the light to avoid harsh, stark lighting such as our Kobi pendant - the bedroom is a place for relaxing so you want something that complements the mood instead of stealing the show. 

Better in Pairs

We like to create symmetry in the bedroom and doubling up with matching table lamps on either side of the bed is a perfect way to frame a bedroom and achieve a balanced look. If you are limited on space, wall sconces or pendants are a great option as they leave the top of the bedside table clear, whilst also providing directional, task lighting so you can read right through to the early hours. Top tip.. be sure to have these lights on different circuits so each person can control their side without relying on the other.

Neutral is Best

The colour and material of the lampshade will affect how the light looks, so it’s best to choose something in a soft but warm neutral shade, such as flax or beige. A red lampshade, for example, would make the lighting too heavy, while a blue lampshade would fill the room with cold light. In terms of material, linen is perfect because it has a little bit of texture, which softens the appearance of the light further. It’s relaxed and cosy, plus it works well with other materials and so will likely complement the rest of your bedroom.

Dim it Down

Once you have decided on all your light fixtures for the bedroom, install dimmer switches where possible – especially for your central, ambient light source! As we know, exposure to bright light before bed can impact our sleep and dimmer switches allow you to modify the brightness of your lights depending on the mood you want to create. If you are using table lamps as bedside lights, we can customise these to include dimmer switches too – just leave a note when placing your order. Top tip… factor in three circuits to create a flexible lighting scheme – one for your ambient light, and two for your task light (or bedside lighting).

Beautiful Bulbs

Finally, and most importantly, the lightbulb you use will have a drastic impact on how your scheme all comes together. Cooler lights have a higher rating on the Kelvin scale and can feel quite harsh in a bedroom so we suggest going for something a little warmer to create a softer glow - perfect for a place to unwind and drift off to sleep. Look for lightbulbs with a Kelvin rating around 2,700K and make sure that you use the same bulb throughout the room otherwise, the layers will clash!